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i can’t see the demo, it’s saying oops!something went wrong. I want to purchase it but no luck with demo.

sorry for the trouble sir, we are fixing server issue right now. please try sometimes later.

sir site is running now, please check..

Hi there – still have some issues with access the demo.

Sir it will be online in a moment..

site is ok now, please check sir..

Hi there, Seems to be a problem. Have copied the files over and setup the server appropriately and the directory permissions are correct. The problem is – I cannot run php artisan or php artisan migrate. The software errors out with “Table ‘istart.settings’ doesn’t exist (SQL: select * from `settings`)” – looks like there is a circular dependency on the settings table, which needs to exist before it can be created. Get the same error through the website.

Please contact us via email, labs.ini@gmail.com. send your error details and if possible then screenshots. we will contact you after analysing your issue. thank you.

It can take some time, but we are working on some big changes.

demo nor the doc links work. the graphics on your product page are not working either. poor status. no updated documents, and no updates that were promised.

Sorry for the late, as we said we will publish the developer doc soon. we are working on it. Please be patient…

You said that 3 months ago. You would think by now that the Developer docs would be available. Wouldn’t you agree? What are we paying support for, when we can’t even get Developer Documentation!

Dev Docs

demo not working still

We are changing our server, thats why demo is not live..here is the update link..

gluegl Purchased


Are iUSER features/functionality included in iSTART?

Yes and more then iUSER ….

i see there was an update today, where are the release notes and version?

Sure. Please email us at labs.ini@gmail.com

I’ve already asked my question(s) in the previous posts. Please reply here so others can be kept up to date as well. Thank you.

Dev Docs

Dev Docs

Is there only one admin area? Can you see before you buy this also the standard page? Currently I am always only to the Admin …..

Greetings Thomas

there are front-end available also with this script.

Would you please change demo language to English..

In a previous post you wrote “We already have crud using terminal and now we try to build web crud.”

What is exactly the procedure to build crud using terminal? Because i checked in the instructions and there is no reference or even mention to it.

Ticket opened at your support system.

No answer here. No answer in their support system. Totally NOT recommended. site not working. How to customer make payment for the invoices? I can’t see option payment at the invoice (customer login).

i think you comment on wrong project, its not invoicing system. please check our ibill – script

demo not work

404 Error on url:

i am not surprised by this as this developer has consistently displayed poor customer service for the entirety of this product.

Demo dont work…

Sorry for inconvenience, we are working on it, it will be live soon.

The demo url does not work

Sorry for inconvenience, it will be live soon..