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That’s really neat ! I like this :)

Thanks :)

Hi is possible to include this on a right sidebar on wordpress?

Yes, but in the next release, which will be this week.

ghghghgh! :)

After checking a moderator, a new version with that you have the opportunity.

Forgive me for my bad English.

wow man… nice work…

I have one question… I have a php script… with a sign up page… would this message script work? for my php page?

Set ajax for login form, after submit show a message. Sorry for my bad english.

Looks good, but no example/doc page included in the download pacakge?

Documentation on “Online demo” page :)


Would I be able to use this to show “item successfully added to basket” message in prestashop?

I set up prestashop for a freind, but it has a non ajax shopping cart would really like to be able to add some kind of confirmation message like this,but not sure if it could be used in such a way?

Many thanks


Also, would it be possible to add an ordinaty text link to the message box, eg. (view basket) with just a link the basket page?




is this an jquery script?


Yes, shop template using jQuery.

shop template? i mean your “iStackMessages” :)


I don’t understand the documentation.

Can you please provide an example containing this text, ready to insert on a website:

“Congratulations You have successfully registered.”

Thanks in advance!

Yes, can you please provide an example containing this text ready to insert on a website for beginner like myself.


I don,t get this! If your using this! how do you autom. start the iStackMessages when a user is on a page?

sample please!

It’s a simple: stackmessages.showMessage(...);