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Nice work, GLWS! :)

it really downloads complete magazines from issuu into a pdf?

Looks interesting.

Can you save individual pages to png files too?

download pages are locally saved in (original) jpg format so you can get it with no problems :)

does this actually put back the JPGs into PDF file or we need separate tool to make this? is it legal? do we need issue official API to register key to make this work?


yers, this tool generate the .pdf or the .cbz i’m sure is legal because is like manually download the images from the browser. the tool simulate a webbrowser then download jpg and compile a pdf… nothing else that every user cannot do with some manual work :)

Images download in high resolution ?

images are save at the high resolution available

Hi, I’m receiving a “Access violation at address 00A156BA in module ISSUU downloader’ every time I try to make a PDF file.


you solve the problem? let me know. thank you

Hi, there. I wonder whether I puchase or not when I read the above comments. However I believe on you Mrs.OnixInformatica and decide to buy after all. Please help and support the people in trouble after their payment.

I’m sorry… i did not receive email from codecanyon posts :( thanks kjcheon

Nice work guys! GLWS


The tool does not work at all. I’ve followed instructions but it will not pull ISSUU pages and simply throws up an error.

Please provide refund.

Thank You.