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requesting refund due to unsolicited changing of terms AFTER sales author not responsible that is understood but a scam is a scam and i am not down for it

Presale question: Can I use it as a personal project manager with my two associates (without front end manager)? I mean, I would like to use it just from the wordpress backend to manage projects and tasks privately with my team.

Thank you for the information and kind quick response. One last question and I will buy the plugin: Can I change default status, priorities, etc? I mean, remove unwanted priority labels or add new ones, set a custom color for them? Thank you.

DAMN! I’m sorry, don’t know what happened… Sorry mate, I guess my mac gone crazy

1- remove unwanted priority labels or add new ones – Yes
2- set a custom color for them – Not through frontend, but the colors on file CSS file. You can modify the color there. If you need help open a support ticket at support.emarketdesign.com

Quests cannot access issues. “You are not allowed to access to this area. Please contact the site administrator.” How can i change this?

On Item Details: “Responsive Design – Track issues and projects , anywhere , anytime , any device using the beautiful interface.”. No word, that Customer must buy something else outside from Envato.

When i changing “includes/access-functions.php” there where no Problems with Guest Access. So this is Solved.

Anyway, i don´t want to use this Script. No Word, that is an Closed System. I switched to antoher System.

Starting from version 2.3, Issue Master supports private, public and mixed mode. Please see the modified product description.

This is great, thank you :)


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Hi eMD, if I purchase the plugin can I also get the theme of the WP demo? Or can you recommend a free theme that works well with the plugin? – I don’t need fancy stuff, I just need clean and functional one just like the one in the demo.


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Hi! Thanks for the reply. Can you give me a screenshot where and how you can do this? Thanks in advance.


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Hi I just purchased the plugin – Thank you very much. I’m now trying to modify the fields and entry elements for the entry forms. I’d like to add a completely new taxonomy field in the entry form. How can I do that?


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never mind.


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Hi eMD! There is “Public Issue Entry” and there is “Issue Entry”, when pages are created there are two “Issue Entry” pages, and this is reflected in the menu where two “Issue Entry”s are created. The above is also true for “Search Issues”. Question: which one is public and which one is “private” and how do we distinguish between the two? How are they different from each other? For example, will Client member not see the non-public “Issue Entry?” Or does it just mean users who are not logged in cannot see the non-public “Issue Entry” and non-public “Search Issues”? If so, then there is no distinction between public and non-public “Issue Entry” forms for all logged in users whatever their roles may be, is this correct?

How are they different from each other? Public Issue Entry is the public one. Public issues can be seen by anyone. Private issues can only be seen by logged-in users who are authorized to access to the particular issue. If you want everyone to access the issue such as an open source project, make it public. If not, make it private.


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Hi eMD! Do you think you can add a new attribute called “Keywords” in the entry forms which users can freely input and add important keywords of an issue. Right now it seems that this is role being filled by the field called “Tag”, however users who are creating and submitting issues cannot add Tag(s) in the front end and can only select from a list of predefined tags which is not efficient since if the keyword is not listed in there then the user is out of luck. They can only ask the admin to add the keywords, but do you expect users to ask the admin to add keywords every time they submit an issue?

In the Search form, it might be a good idea to include a new “Keyword” search field which would poll “Tags”, “Keywords” and “Contents” fields for any words that a user enters manually – right now there is no way to manually search the contents of an entry except with the normal search, however, keyword search combined with other search parameters such as Priority, Status, Category can be powerful as a search limiter so it’s better to add keyword search field in the “Search Issues” page.

Thanks and all the best, Dnver

I think the biggest concern for adding user defined tags is the data quality. That’s why we leave this to the admin so that tags go through an approval process before getting entered into the database.

PRESALES: I have quite a few questions for you. First, do you have an admin login anywhere? Hard to tell if this will work for me. I tried to look through the documentation.

I will try to ask all the questions I can think of, and do my best to explain as best as possible.

1. I have a “projects” plugin already. Is it easy to change the name to something else? 2. Does this need to run on it’s own WP application, or just as a plugin? 3. Can some of the statuses be disabled for the client? I think a client would be overwhelmed with anything outside of marking a ticket as closed. 4. I am confused about members. In my case (see below) would members be client and I would add them to a project? Please clarify the members; as it seemed there are no members in the demo, but I was able to login as a client. 5. What is “Setup assistant”? 6. are there shortcodes?

Here are basically my needs. I need person1 and person2 of companyx to be able to see all there tickets and respond to companyx tickets and not see any other company tickets. I would prefer to do this from the front-end only if possible, or if not, only show “issues” to clients on backend and renamed to tickets.

Thank you in advance.

A project is a collection of issues which can be assigned to members. Clients can open issues and provide feedback on issues. Each issue is assigned to a member who is responsible for the resolution. Clients can only see the issues they opened and assigned to. Please check the plugin documentation – https://docs.emdplugins.com/docs/issue-master-pro-lite-documentation/ for details.

Setup assistant creates the pages for form and other predefined pages included in the plugin design. Yes, there are shortcodes you can use to customize the look and feel. Please refer the docs again.

Issue Master is for project issue management. If you’re looking for ticket management system, we have WP Ticket family products. I would try the WP Ticket Community in wordpress.org first. If you need client area, I would take a look at Support Ticket, WP Ticket Pro, or WP Ticket Enterprise WordPress plugins depending on how complex is your need.

Is it possible to integrate it with a slack channel/user?

We’re currently developing an extension for slack.

Is there a capability built in to allow for custom fields on the form and issues submission?

Okay thanks. And where can I purchase these other options that have that?

Check out: https://emdplugins.com/plugins/

and look for Software Issue Manager or WP Ticket editions/add-ons

Thanks! Will do.

Hello what is demo pass/username?

Update the link for demo. It was pointing to the login screen. Sorry about that ;-(

There are manager and client roles available to login: https://docs.emarketdesign.com/issue-master/IssueMasterEnvatoDemo.html

Just checked the plugin out, and confused why a client would open a ticket and have an option of a resolution date and summary. I could see our clients very confused by all of that.

You can make enable/disable any field or make it optional or required from plugin settings. Please note that clients are not the only one filling out this form. Project members can submit issues that are resolved to the project database.

I would not recommend this plugin for ticket based issue management. There is WP Ticket familiy products specifically designed for that purpose. If you have a small team, pick WP Ticket Pro. For enterprise level ticketing system WP Ticket Enterprise is the way to go.

Hello, I’m interested in this plugin. Want to know if it supports Wordpress 4.7.3?

Yes it does. Our demo site is running WordPress 4.7.4.

1/Does this plug-in function by a multisite?

2/Does this plug-in function in PHP7.1?

1) Yes, it works in multi site. Our demo site is a multi site installation

2) We’ve been running it under PHP 7.0 without any problems. Recently upgraded to PHP 7.1.. so far so good. If something comes up, we’ll fix it.

Hi some questions here… 1. Do I need any additional plugins before I use this plugin? 2. Is there a possibility to change the Taxonomies? 3. Is there a possibility to export project/issue list to csv or excel sheet? 4. Can I freely change the roles and responsibilities of different user types?

Hi, Encountered an issue when I tried to install in a local enviroment. “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

What can I provide to you to help solve this issue?

Hi, I found that Issue master could not work with Easy Events. The plugins could not be activated together at the same time. It will cause fatal error. could you please advise how to resolve this?

NExt, I’ve been waiting for support for some time now, I would appreciate if you could respond asap. I tried opening a ticket on your support channel, but I couldn’t access it? Couldn’t create an account as well. Please advise. Thanks

1. Do I need any additional plugins before I use this plugin? No 2. Is there a possibility to change the Taxonomies? Yes, through customization. 3. Is there a possibility to export project/issue list to csv or excel sheet? There is emd import/export addon – not sold on this site 4- Not in Issue Master but in Software Issue Manager WordPress plugin 5- The plugins could not be activated together at the same time. It will cause fatal error. could you please advise how to resolve this? It can not be used together with WP Easy Events at this time.