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can i work on this app using xcode

sorry i just saw xcode thanks for a great app

:) This app write by swift on xcode. Thanks

can you add a library of sayings for the speech and what is the limit level? Like 1000 words etc>

Hello, this app can add more for speech. It’s not limited words but limited for languages

It would be great if edit button can be added. Anyway, I’ll buy this great app code first.

Ok. I’ll update soon.

hi i bought your app, its a great app but i still cannot figure out how to speak the word you type in a foreign langauge. I tried it spoke only English. can you please help me.

Hello, Thanks for bought.

When you add new please choice language. Ex : Foreign language : ?? Native language : Hello

You must select language to speak is Chinese (China)

ok hi, so if i choice language to speka = chinese, and type in front native language hello.and type foreign language in chinese alphabets will it work? thanks

That right :)

how do i edit the default translated sentences?

in the app by default you have like vienameese or something,

i want for example french, german or arabic default ready made examples

how do i edit that?

Hi, you can edit by open file Resources/data.db it is sqlite.

how can i change it to a male voice?

i saw that already, but the app is useless if the user has to manually do that for their device

also that only works for english voices – i need it for other languages… i’m very disappointed….............

Sorry, I don’t have mentioned features change a male voice in item details.

Hi, how can i edit data.db. I can not open SQL Code. Can u send me sql code? Thanks


Use this app to open it http://sqlitebrowser.o

hi, How can i call search tableview func. i prepared something like this. But can not bugs fixed. Help pls

func updateSearchResultsForSearchController(searchController: UISearchController) {
self.filteredDogs =  self.dictionaries.filter{(dict:[String:AnyObject]) -> Bool in
if dict.lowercaseString.containsString(self.searchController.searchBar.text!.lowercaseString)
        return true
//Update results table
    return false