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Hi, I can’t get this plugin to work? When viewing the gallery the images show up as a stock grey back ground with seize in text 350×250? How do I get the images to load?????

Hello PaulYork,

Sorry for the delay, this happens because you’re images are being hosted in the cloud (on some other servers, maybe you’re using jetpack). The problem is my plugin does not have access to re-size the images on other servers.

I’ve just wrote a patch that will use default WP sizes, basically if it can’t re-size it will work with standard image size. The new version is 1.6.0, the update needs approval, I believe it will be approved within a few hours, however you can send me an email and I can send you the installer.


Jayc, Yes I found out that that it was due to Jetpack being set up to auto compress the images – this is what was causing the issue which is a shame as we thought it was a useful feature. Turning off the auto compression removed the issue.

Do you know if you’ll be able to support cloud hosted files in future?



Hello PaulYork, thank you for the tip, I knew it’s JetPack, but I did not know it was the compress option, I’m sorry I don’t have a solution for this, it’s almost impossible to resize those images.

hey before i buy this could you please answer me this question.

my current website inspirational quotes but i was them to display like masonry layout

Would this plugin be able to do that?


Hello Dancodes , sorry for the delay, unfortunately, for the past two weeks my full time job has consumed all my time. The answer is no, because you do need pagination, this plugin does not support pagination. Regards,

Why can’t i do Combination filters in the plugin like in: http://isotope.metafizzy.co/filtering.html


Hello YoniBulkin, sorry for the delay, unfortunately, for the past two weeks my full time job has consumed all my time. The answer: because the UI interface would have been to complex. Regards,

its sad. this is the only reason that i bought the plugin

When you will fix it? its very important to us, if you want i will pay extra money, and buy the way if you will add option to add video this galley will be perfect!!!

I’m having trouble with the products isotope slider on the home page. I can only get 5 featured items to show up when there are over 30 featured products selected in woocommerce.

How can I get this to show all of the featured products?

Hello ClintonLee83 , sorry for the delay, unfortunately, for the past two weeks my full time job has consumed all my time. I really don’t know why you might have this error, possible another plugin or the theme itself. If the plugin does not work for you, please send me a a message with your payapal email, I will persoanlly offer you a refund. You can send em a message using the contact form from my profile page (bottom-right). Best of all.

Hello there. Do you have quick way to make it responsive? Cheers

Hello, well, it’s kinda responsive, it’s just that the images don’t stretch, they fall under eachother. You can check out my metro plugin for a fully responsive images/items. Regards,

any way to remove the ALL tab on some of the galleries??

Hello, sorry it does not have this feature.

Hi, I’d like to make a full-width masonry portfolio. When I resize my screen, will there be empty blocks in the layout? I’ve seen with other masonry grids where things don’t fit in at all screen sizes, resulting in big empty blocks. Thank you.

Hello, for this behavior you should check out my Metro plugin. Regards,

Hello Jayc, I purchased your plugin and added it to my custom theme to test it out and the outcome was not the one i expected haha. The images show up but in a vertical stack and not in a horizontal layout, so instead of showing 4 pictures or whatever might fit horiztonally they show up one on top of the other. What did i do wrong? Also in the console i see an error that says rx_gallery_ui.find(...).isotope is not a function? Also if I hover over a picture nothing happens, nor i can click on them to display lightbox. My theme is pretty simple, it is just a basic blog site.

hello carloscoello, it looks like you don’t have jQuery or for some reason a different version of it embedded by the theme or some other plugin, you can send me a private message with the URL using the contact form from my profile page, alternatively you can ask for a refund and I will approve it. Cheers!

Hello carloscoello, I did approve it, I think it went to Envato stuff to be approved now. Regards,

Hi, i’ve just purchase your plugin, tested on my site, but it just breaks (CSS conflict?). all the gallery is showing in one column on the side of the page, and the gallery selector is also showing as list with bullets… i’m not sure about the problem… is it possible to request a refund as i won’t have the time to find out were the problems comes from… Thanks a lot, and very sorry to ask for that.

Hello resoundwebmedia, please send me an message with the link to that page, I will handle it tomorrow morning, you can send me an email using the contact form from my profile page ( bottom-right ).


hi Jayc, appreciate your answer, unfortunately, i’ve used another solution in the little time i had. Regards,


BFTF Purchased

Hi there, just bought this plugin, having issues with thumbnail generation, using latest WP 4.6.1, fresh install, new website build. Thumbnails seems not cropping and every image just has a full url, which obviously looks broken with massive image and only corner of it visible. In your demos they are clearly cropped thumbsnails. Tried activate/deactivate plugin, creating new gallery. Thank you!


BFTF Purchased

My bad, please ignore, had extension=php_gd2.dll disabled on the server. Thanks, great plugin!

Hello, glad it worked out. Best,

When I click the magnifying glass the images are almost thumbnail size

Hello doubletake8, you need to upload larger images, this could happen becuse the original image is small. Regards,

I’m getting a 404 when I click on the gallery groups, what am I doing wrong? Everything else works great!

Hello, sometimes there is this glitch within WP, you can go to Admin > Settings > Permalinks and just click save, this should solve the problem. Regards,

Hy, I want to buy this plugin ….before buying i would like to ask to whether this plugin is suitable for the following layout in the the website or not .Please reply fast.

Here is the url of the design :



hello varsha06,

I don’t think you can reproduce that one with this plugin,


Hey Jayc, think this is the best way contacting you. I’ve got a question, been using your plugin for while now as it was in my purchased theme. Very happy with it! But I recently noticed something when using an SEO scan on the site.

Pages / posts with a gallery on them get flagged containing 404 URLs. These are created by the Isotope Gallery and are visible within the source code of the page within a div. These are the two types of URLs: - /* (for all photo’s) - /_groupsETC (for specific group)

I believe its best to get the minimal (thus none) of 301 or 404 URLs linked on a page. Would it be possible to not use a href= or use ”#” or ”?” in front of the URL so it is not considered an entire new page (which can’t be found).

Hope I made my concerns clear and you have a solution for the next update :) Added the piece of code for the sake of completeness, if any questions please contact me.

<div class="rx_isotope_ui"><ul class="isotopeMenu" data-selectedcolor="f99e43" data-lightboxcolor="f99e43"><li><a class="eye" style="color: #484848;" href="*">ALL</a></li><li><a class="eye" style="color: #484848;" href="_groupN6KGAHKXKWIUNA6WVVDPY2LTKM2O7GMO">GROUP1</a></li><li><a class="eye" style="color: #484848;" href="_groupKXKPFX2E1805LIPPVW8SBY0HCMCVMTVB">GROUP2</a></li><li><a class="eye" style="color: #484848;" href="_groupAPNNN18FXXBHONMV4CQHD114Q35JQ334">GROUP3</a></li></ul><div class="isotope_top_space" /> </div>

Hello waldoanker,

I see your point, unfortunately at this moment I do not have the necessary time to re-write this plugin with SEO in mind.


1.) Is this compatible with WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer)?

2.) It is possible to have numbered thumbnails? As in, the # of the image either in the upper-right corner, or below the thumbnail?

This way, if I have a customer on the phone, I can tell them, “Take a look at Picture #12” for a particular feature, without them having to flip through all of them.

This is a very useful feature for some situations, that seems to be damn near impossible to find in most galleries.

To be clear, I’m not looking for an option of “Thumbnails OR Numbers”, that’s available in a bunch of galleries. What I need are Thumbnails WITH numbers on them.