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Nice work GLWS :)

Thank you!

looks good – is it simple enough to move the close button to say top right when you expand the image… or perhaps add other options to close the expanded view?

cool – ill pick this up for next project i work on!

thx! :)


I have updated the following: -added possibility to move close lightbox button to the right-top -close lightbox by clicking anywhere outside the image

The update should be approved within a day.


Very cool!:)


When using Safari, I click on the magnifying glass I get a super small image (this is the URL: www.lancerodgersart.com/paintings-any thoughts?

And in Chrome and FireFox, the Paintings page is thousands of pixels deep. So it displays the thumbnails correct in Safari, and displays the zoomed in images wrong, and it displays the thumbnails incorrectly in Chrome and FF and the Zoomed in images right. -Any thoughts ?

Hello doubletake8, I see your demo, pretty weird, I really don’t know why this is happening on your side, I assume the theme or another plugins overrides images proportions, but I could not find a fix, if you cant make use of the plugin place a refund request, I will approve it. Regards,

Good day!

With use of the plugin file outputs in original resolution, with no choice of output file thumbnails settings.

It’s not very convenient for large files. I could not find the settings, how to change the thumbnail format.

Can you help with this issue? The task is to bring a thumbnail, clicking on which the entire file will open.

How to solve that displaying the full size image is displayed on the width of the entire screen, and the height was scrolling? When the image larger than 3000 px, for example.


Hello Slava_Smelovsky,

Basically both for thumbs and for the images from the lightbox I use the HTML5 srcset ( wp_get_attachment_image_srcset ), so what it actually does it outputs all available images sizes, and the browser chooses which size to use, based on device screen density and other things. This is pretty performant, lets say you visit from a phone, a smaller size will be loaded, however if you visit from a MacBook Pro retina, a larger image will be loaded. So, I will not change this behavior, if you are not content with the product you can make a refund request. Best regards,

I am also interested in the answer to the question above. Author, you give an answer?

Hello Duhsvobody, I just replayed. Regards,

Hi – is it possible to add text under the images? I would like to use it on the contact page for team members

Hi, it’s not implemented within the admin, you could check out my other plugin https://codecanyon.net/item/meet-the-team-visual-composer-addon/17734523 Best,


MyraD Purchased

Hi, nice plugin! Although I would like the redirect URL’s of the images open in new window. Can you point me in the right direction how I could do this? It’s very important because I use it as a portfolio for websites and all images must link to a website. (but I’m not familiar with coding/php). Preview: http://prntscr.com/e8e6hf

Thank you! Regards, Myra

Hello Myra, I’m sorry, the plugin does not have this functionality and it’s not easy to implement, needs to be added both in backend and frontend. Regards,


MyraD Purchased

Thanks for your reply, I already thought this wasn’t possible. I will use your plugin anyway :-) maybe first link to internal pages or just as a gallery. Regards,

Thx, best of all!

Pre-sales question: On the demo there is no ALL button? Is that something that can be added in easily?

i saw it does in the video – picked it up – works a treat!

OK, glad it works, cheers!


We’re trying to show image captions, including hyperlinks, in PrettyPhoto or similar. Would it be possible with this plugin?



jayc Author

Hello DavidSherley, I’m sorry, the answer is no. Regards,