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I wonder if this platform has to place advertising banner with open source.

If these are the extent banner suggesting the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)?

please confirm me.

When you believe that you can see in the Administrator the option of placing advertising code open

I recommend you use the measures that can be used on the platform iSocial the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) that it will benefit a lot because many people want to monetize your website with advertising.

I also like that the platform can link out. that is that when you will click a URL to see other websites within POST

when you finish it tells me. overfeedwebagency@gmail.com


I see you have bad reputation with these reviews “Friendly” I hope not disappoint me friend, me or the company. many people rely on you, hope is a serious person. regards

Try to take measures for banner advertising, this is the organization that standardizes online advertising measures: IAB.

visit: https://www.iab.com

you can place a single language? already it integrated languages or need to add a plugins?

Only you duplicate a folder, and edit some PHP files, and ready. You have a new language.

Really nice script, I must say that it needs more work done to it and only so that it could be worth the purchase. When loading anything it dont show you any update and thats annoying since you dont know when it will be done loading the music, video, photo etc… Other than that its clean and with a good future if details get FIXED!

I will definitely FOLLOW you, to see where this script goes to…

Thanks for your comment.

1. Facebook login is flawed.

A. Cannot fetch user photo

B. Does not fetch the date of birth. Simply assigns the wrong one.

2. Chat is not responsive :(

3. Notifications are flawed

4. No Monetization / Adsense / Ads :(

5. No classifieds :(

6. No location

The thing quite likable about your script is the responsive admin section. Fix the bugs, include the necessary features and I guarantee you’ll sell faster than WoWonder, Snegine, phpDolphin, socialite and all those wannabes.

I need to help me with the installation of script . Not run :( ,somebody of Kanorica

I was wondering what framework has been used to write the PHP script?

Hi, If i purchase order this system can you setup for me? I’m no more experience for setup system. Thanks

Hi Kanorika

You hardly respond to mail from contact page, why?

Last two weeks ago I wrote you about my readiness to buy FRIENDLY SOCIAL Network before you took it down from CodeCanyon and another mail ealier this week, You didn’t reply any of the mail and I want to know how I can get the FRIENDLY SOCIAL? cos I preferred it to ISOCIAL.

Another point is how possible it is possible for me to make your BABBEL some what like a plugin on FRIENDLY SOCIAL or ISOCIAL? I thought of this as I want to integrate contents from existing WordPress blog site into FRIENDLY SOCIAL or ISOCIAL and do away with WP installation because I want to use these script only.

The most impressive features of BABBEL that are not on ISOCIAL and I like are…. POST or ARTICLE like a blog FOLLOWING FOLLOWER FOLLOW ARTICLES with well structured categories (Thank you for this!) ARTICLES Points ARTICLES like ARTICLES Report

And on the other hand, BABBEL does not have membership GROUP which is the most important feature in my social media. I also preferred the theme for ISOCIAL or FRIENDLY SOCIAL to the BABBEL

I want something that I will do less modification to get working. Please treat this as urgent as I want to make payment as soon as possible. I want to make use of yours in replacement for the WordPress.


I have already bought your php script and that one has been deleted and not getting nay update or support of it and i have item code everything and if i want to update that script which looks like the update version is this so what should i have to do how can i get this updated version….???

Any discount for new year ?!

I really like this script because of its perfect UI and code structure but it is incomplete and broken. Of what benefit will it be to have purchased an item that is incomplete, broken and all efforts to contact the author has been proved unreachable in the name of – Items Marked as “Not Supported” (https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/205923460-Purchasing-Supported-and-Unsupported-Items)

:shocked: # Event table has No event Model, View, Controller or any script to process functions for the table.

:shocked: # Advertising has no advertisement Model, View, Controller or any other script to process functions for the table. How to manage ads discussed in the documentation is not included in the app “(Manage Ads: Section to manage everything related to ads.)”.

:shocked: # Cannot create a page @ http://mydomain.com/pages/create (Error – Can’t perform the requested action.).

:shocked: # Chat does’t load after you press enter @ http://mydomain.com/dashboard.

:shocked: # Cannot create new user @ http://mydomain.com/signup (Error – Can’t perform the requested action.).

:shocked: # Search function works only for users and does not search for other contents

This author have no regards for customer’s pain in using his product

:shocked: # I contacted him in November ending, 6/12/2016 and 25/12/2016. Of all this contact and comment I placed on the product page (https://codecanyon.net/item/isocial-the-ultimate-social-network-platform/18246970/comments?page=2&filter=all#comment_14996568), this author care not to respond to the problem.

You allow me to brought this matter to the public here. I really like your script but what would be the need for keeping what is not working for me and the author is not ready to provide help for us to be able to make use of product?

Most of the problems explained above has been solved. The iSocial is a very wonderful social network script.
  • Well structured code ready for customization
  • It is the real Facebook clone
  • I am already customizing my own to load, activate and deactivate plugins from admin dashboard.

I hope you consider the last point in your next update


boostmg Purchased

Does anyone know how to get the mail notifications to work on this? I tried updating the files I could find but no luck. This is the configuration to have the system send out emails when signing up, forgetting passwords, etc.

Your Domain of the demo domain has expired ;-)

I saw the demo and your iSocial CMS looks like a Sngine clone (only the layout and design). Why not go your very own ways and create a own unique design for your iSocial and get back to support Your(?) software!?

Ahhh and by the way I found another Social Network CMS with the name iSocial (from 2013) hostet at Sourceforge (I`ll inform You about it because maybe You will run into a Copyright/Trademark trouble). Here You go: https://sourceforge.net/projects/isocial/

Our product, and the products you mention are totally different products!

Anyway, thanks for your comment.