iSocial - The Ultimate Social Network Platform

iSocial - The Ultimate Social Network Platform

With iSocial you can start your own social network.

Very easy to install, it has all the functionality of a modern, simple, and attractive social network.

iSocial, is the Ultimate Social Network Platform.



User: usermain

Pass: 123456


  • Authentication: You can authenticate with Facebook, Twitter, or your email.
  • Cover and Photo in User Profile: iSocial is in keeping with the trend of modern social networks. iSocial provides a user profile with photo and cover.
  • Groups and Pages: iSocial lets you create unlimited Fan Pages and unlimited Groups.
  • Notifications in Real Time: Constantly you will receive notifications in real time. When someone comments on your posts, when someone made like on your posts, etc.
  • Preview Card: You can see a “preview” of a user profile through an Preview Card.
  • Live Chat: Talk to your friendss using a private chat.
  • 100% Responsive: Observe it on any device (desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets). It is 100% responsive.

... and much more.


Please leave us a message through this contact form and we will be glad to help!


Update V1.1 [ 7 November 2016 ]

  • Improved load posts.
  • OEmbed (Format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites).
  • Enhanced Chat.
  • Improved loading new posts.
  • Improved writing comments.
  • Improved display chat messages.
  • Improved notifications.
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