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Great product, one question though, how do I remove the drop shadow on the image?


Great slider, works very well and is easy to set up…..but (you knew that was coming)

Is it possible to display images randomly so they appear in different orders?

And I know it’s called a slider but can it use a fade in-out transition?

Hi there, purchases this item, easy to install and works a treat.

However I am experiencing two problems.

1) When the page loads, the images within the slider form a vertical list before the slider begins to work. For example, my slider has 3 images, and whilst the page is loading, the three images are stacked on top of each other for a few seconds before the slider begins to work. The demo on this website doesn’t have that issue however.

2) Something that does happen on the demo. Have you noticed the intermittent waves that shoot up the images? This is a horrible sight. How can this be fixed? If it can’t, I cannot use this slider and would need a refund.

Many thanks.

HI, Is this slider compatible with grid960 system?

Sergei- Can’t seem to get this working…can you have a look at this page and tell me if I’m missing something? Thanks!

I would like to use this in mobile site design and would like to know what is the best way to resize the in the css?

Hi im interested in your slider but Is it easy to setup multiple of this slider on one page?? I need to have about 8 of these sliders on one page/ please let me know and give me an example of what I would have to do to put more then one on a page please …thanks

jmgraphix (at)

Hi, I had a problem with IE9 . sections.css(‘left’) returns me Double values (for example -999.99px and not 1000px). So I changed this for sections.position().left I work with jQuery 1.7.1 Saludos!

hi, i wanna show 2 content on “3. EXAMPLE ”. i cant do this. can you help? Thank you

I love the Slider, But have problem with the downloaded ver. The navigation button in the bottom are not showing in I.E. But the sample in the are show. Can you update the file?

I followed directions but couldn’t get the slider working. Saw there hasn’t been support in some time on here so in a crunch I just used a different one successfully.

Does anybody can explain how to install this slider?

Here the same Solution ironman23 is not working.

Hi there,

I have a big issue here. thumb scolling is not working. If i have more than 7 thumb nails. There is no scrolling and everything gets overlap.

Please help me to fix this.


Does anyobody know how to stop sliding (with a button, for example). Saludos!

Hi – sorry if this have been asked before,

But can I set each slide to be clickable – to go to another page?


Hi! I’ve been unable to get this working with boilerplates template. The template won’t work unless the javascript is placed at the bottom of the page. Any advice?

I have a problem when the slide starts to work always stays in the picture number two and there does not happen, as I solve that? this well since I buy, and download it several times but nothing.

Hi! Slider stops on image number two, just as wkadvert says. Any fix?

Hello, is it possible for the slider to work vertically and horizontally at the SAME TIME? Can it be configured to scroll up and down and left and right all at once?