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lol it is available freely with more layout options..

what’s new ?

It’s not because that’s built in HTML so users have to type the URL in the code instead of typing the URL in a input box.

it also have input box. check clearly. more over 99% same!

I havnt checked yet. But I will soon.

PHP for what here ?

Getting the url and making sure no hacked code has been inserted. I use the pregmatch function for that.

Very useful script, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you :)

So you said:

Getting the url and making sure no hacked code has been inserted. I use the pregmatch function for that.

It`s funny, because I tried testing the responsiveness of this little page, and guess what, the “hacked code” was inserted with problems.

The real problem is, you can not trust iframes.

Yes of course this can be entered its a url by “hacked code” I was talking more along the lines of javascript injection.

whats required to set this up on a server?

Looks great to me

wordpress plugin? works inside post/page wordpress? iframe?

This script does not work on wordpress.

The only thing I’m not sure about is the 320×480 mobile part of the script.

Is that the normal resolution for most phones?

I have a Moto G and I have another script that looks fine on my phone. When I bring up the script on the 320×480 screen it shows a scroll bar on the bottom for some reason and everything is not centered like on my phone.

Do you know how I can fix it or add other phone resolutions?

It doesn’t work with http or https added to the search. Can that be fixed?

If it doesn’t work when someone copies and pastes a URL, that makes it kind of useless. Sorry.

It doesnt since all you have to do, which the script clearly states. Remove http and www. Not that hard.

Yeah. No thanks.

Hello, i just buy: Facebook Business Scraper Tool and now is deleted, what is happening?

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale

Not working :(

Just checked. Its working fine. What websites are you trying?

Hi, Thanks for your quick reply, I’ve checked now and works fine, i’m gonna buy this script but not today (Responsive Checker Script)