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ichurakov can you make it for checking mp3 and aac streams please.

I will buy it. I try your demo and works fine, but many streams are not showing correct. like will show error n´but stream work on vlc.

BTW demo script is 100% beatifull.

Hi. Thanks for interesting in my script. Unfortunately, I don’t have plans to checks streams.

Hi there – I purchased and install your php code on a sub domain and it seems to work great except one thing…

I have no problem receiving the activation email, but I do not ever receive the change email stating that the website has a change when the cron job completed. What do you suppose is wrong?

I am testing this by putting in a bad url (ie: http://www.askdjlasjk.com) into the members side and it is giving a status of Failed. Shouldn’t it send an email stating that the URL has failed? I attempted another test by using a url I have a site on, then taking down all the files (so it would fail) but still I never received an email stating the change.

Can you please give me clues on how to make the change in status email send out? I am also using the PHP email settings.

Thank you

Hi. Did you set cron job? The script sends notification when status was changed. In first case, the status was checked when you added bad URL. So the status of this URL remains the same and there is no reason to send notification.

Demo script doesnt work. When you add a website that is online, you get a 301 error and other error. ??

Currently I don’t have such plans.

Also, will this work on free hosting servers such as http://www.neq3hosting.com/ ?

Is there any required specifications?


  • PHP version 5.2 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater
  • CURL installed (most hostings have CURL installed)
  • Cron Jobs (most hostings have it)

Do you have a update coming?

Hi. Thanks for purchasig the script. Currently I don’t have any updates.

can you please remove the demo url of my site.

hackingtech.in domainsnmore.in


Hi, how can i add a contact us page to the script? Would you be able to help me out with it? Thanks!

Hi. Thanks for purchasing the script. Unfortunately, I’m not available for customization work. You need hire programmer for that.

It would be very useful to use a Captcha query during registration.

Thanks for idea.

If a user or an admin delete a URL in the Account this remove not the entry in the database. In DB the URL is marked as deleted but not really removed, so that the Adimin must delete the entry manually. I do not understand this logic :-(. When a user deletes a URL, then this should also be deleted directly in the database.

This is normal way to avoid DB fragmentation. If you physically remove records, it slows DB down. Why do you need physically remove it?

Hm, I optimize my database regularly to prevent fragmenting :-). Why should I save records that I do not need? but ok.

This is how it works.

Hey There,

Pre-purchase Question
Is there any way to upload several domains?
If I have, let’s say 500 domains. I don’t feel very excited to add them one by one.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.


I would like to purchase, however, the demo is not working! I cannot login / create a new account.

Also : i would like to know what payment gateway this script support for users, since you claim it can be used by peoples to start a monitoring service… Does the monitoring service in question need to be a free service?

Thank you :)

Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve just fixed the problem with registration. Script doesn’t have functionality to accept payments.

Is a 403 error (Forbidden) in the admin normal on a website that is online ?

Sorry, did see the update later and updated the url :-)

But above problem is still there. Did you test it already ? Any news ? Any way to solve this ?

If you get “403 forbidden” but website online, it means that it doesn’t allow robots to open website. ;-)

Hello, an edit button for the links would be very useful.

Hi. Thanks for idea.

no matter what url I added, this script always show 200 OK.

Please provide URL where I can see the problem.

ftp account info sent

I’ve just checked. The CURL on your server has pretty strange behavior. For any non-existing URLs it return code 200 (Success) with certain body content. It’s unusual behavior. I’ve just modified my script to fit your server settings. Now everything works.


mrjv Purchased

Does this have any other templates that are more modern looking or lighter in color… dark backgrounds are very hard to look at IMO. Also, would prefer a wider field….

Unfortunately, there is no such feature.