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I would be nice if you support Thumbnail image in table cells !

Salam Momeks,

I will add this in a update :)

Salam Momeks,

I will add this in a update :)


is it posible to have more than 1 rss feed in this app?

i have a webseite with a news-section. this rss-feed i want to show in this app, but i have also another rss-feed with some informationen. is this posible to show both or more rss feeds?

thx markus

Hi Hieger,

This app currently supports one RSS feed. However because this app is very easy to implement, you could have two separate views with two different RSS feeds.


You could add a UISegmentedControl to the bottom of the View and then change which RSS feed is loaded based on which part of the UISegmentedControl is selected.

trying to figure out from the screenshots what the “show” and “hide” buttons do? do i need click the article headline to see more?


Hi sandlog,

The “show & hide” buttons are a UISegmentedControl and they can be used to make the UITableView which shows the RSS feed, appear or disappear.

i get that they show and hide but since i’m going by screenshots i can’t figure out why you would have those buttons on the main RSS feed view with the headlines.

what would i hide in that view?

just thinking from a HIG perspective that you would just click the article title and then have a back button appear only on the next view?

iRSS has been set up simply. The aim of this app is to help developers implement RSS feeds into their iOS apps. The “show/hide” button can be easily removed and replaced by a much better design. Personally, if I was to buy this app, I would get rid of the default design and make a much better one. The design of this app has been put in place as a placeholder and nothing more.

It is up to the developer to edit the app according to their needs.

I purchased this item. When you run it in Xcode (using the .xcodeproj sample project included in the zip), it gives me this error. Am I missing something?

2012-09-14 17:42:42.763 iRSS[2263:f803] -[AppDelegate setWindow:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0×682f340 2012-09-14 17:42:42.767 iRSS[2263:f803] * Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘-[AppDelegate setWindow:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0×682f340’
  • First throw call stack: (0×13cf022 0×1560cd6 0×13d0cbd 0×13d1053 0×1336099 0×1335cb2 0×328b 0×17386 0×18274 0×27183 0×27c38 0×1b634 0×12b9ef5 0×13a3195 0×1307ff2 0×13068da 0×1305d84 0×1305c9b 0×17c65 0×19626 0×30f5 0×2985) terminate called throwing an exception

Why version of Xcode are you running?

I have some questions before buying.

Is the Thumbnail image in table cells added now ? Does this pulls the complete website when clicking and item or it works as a common news reader ? (with images, etc…) It’s iPad compatible ? Works fine in iOS 6 ?

Works fine in iOS 6. Pulls the website on feed click. Thumbnail coming soon. Not iPad compatible, for iPad version, please check this out:


It works on the iPad, in your storyboard you just make a view with all the files in it and connect those, you get a big version of the iPhone version but if you use different images it doens’t look stretched ;) I use this app also on a app thats universal ;)

Hi! I could use your help! I am trying to get the bellow RSS feed: When i run it on iPhone simulator, i get an “Error Code 5” from the parser, however the feed seems to be valid since every RSS reader can read it. Can you please help me out with this?

Hi magnett,

I made you a new feed using Feed Burner. Try this:

I suggest you use feed burner yourself, as this feed is currently under my Google account and I will DELETE it soon. But Feed Burner is a free service owned by Google and is super easy to use.

Thanks for your time :)

Thanks for your reply! Are you going to implment preview images anytime soon?

Hi magnett,

I am thinking about adding this feature. I will let you know when the next update is available on CodeCanyon.

Thanks for your time :)


does it support Thumbnail images in List view now?



I am really interesting to buy . However I dont have Mac, Xcode. I have developer account. Do you provide extra service to put my rss ? since other seller also give extra free this support.

google news RSS okay ? if the user enter the “read more ” in excerpt, is it open new browser ? or still inside on this phone ?

thanks a lot

Hi agungpambudi,

Well it is very easy to customise. iRSS comes with Developer PDF guide which is super easy to follow. Yes when pressing a link, it opens in the app.

Thanks for your time :)

Thank you for your response. However i dont have mac and xcode do you provide its service ? Thanks a lot

Well you can hire me on a freelance basis if you wish.