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hi, ... no work the download apk

5.2.1 Galaxy Note II

Only work in this versions ?... Android 6.0, Android 5.1.x, Android 5.0

yes, from 5.0 and above

Hello, I have a pre-purchase question regarding if this app has IDX integration via API? Also, is there a way to contact you via e-mail to discuss additional customization to the app?

Hi, no IDX integration, it works with Parse SDK only.
For any request please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

How are the homes inserted with PHP?

there’s no php involved here, you can either insert properties via the app or manually in your own Parse Dashboard on back4app, it’s kinda working with an Excel file

Hello, I tested your App on Android 5.1 and 6.0. Good App! But could you check the windows that opens after carrying out a search. There is part of it (window) that does not disappear after the search. It stays on the screen in the corner with a dark-grey color. I think you want to look at this. Let me know When you fix it please. Thanks.

Hi, please contact us by our profile’s contact form and send us a screenshot of what you mean, so we’ll check it out. Thanks!

Hello. Some questions for you (applies to your iOS app too). 1. Can the public advertise their property using your app?

2. How can one sync the content on an existing or future property website one has/will have with your app?

3. I didn’t understand your statement about Extended License – Are you asking me to buy an extended version in a situation where I need to place app on PlayStore (Where else would I put the app for people to download)?

4. I wish you consider having a lower Android version to accommodate more phones. I saw in a comment that it starts from Android 5.0, correct?

Thank you.


How do I test this app on a phone and what’s the emulator you mentioned on your page?

Thank you.

1. yes
2. you would need to use Parse PHP Sdk on your website, no mySQL
3. Extended License is if you plan to publish the app as a PAID app or with IAP, not for free, as the statement says. if you publish the app for free and do not charge your users for money, then you can use a Regular License
4. No, it’s not possible due to some functions and layouts that work from API 21
5. real device: simply download the demo apk and upload it to your phone’s memory using a usb cable with Android App Transfer. Emulator: create an empty project with Android Studio, run it on the Emulsion and drag the demo apk file over the emulator ’s screen to install it


I have a real estate website done with WordPress, is it possible to have content of the website synced to this app?

hi, unfortunately no because this app has Parse SDK has backend, no php/mySQL

Hi, i have a question. the question is how can i edit “all actions like rental or sales ” and “all types like houses, industrial, etc” in Home page. because i want to delete some of the words inside the menu. what kind of code name in xml and java? please help me

you may contact me by my profile’s contact form

i already contact you by your profile. when i renamed the app, it looks nothing happen and looks good. but the problem is, when i run the app and the app will open by virtual android emulator device like: google nexus and after that, when the android already open, the app won’t be open and the error said the iresidence has stopped

i’ll reply to your email asap

Can you search by distance?


Demo App keeps crashing.

The updated version is a no go. App crashes. Galaxy 7.

You mean the demo APK?

If that’s yes, it may be because of the header image, it’s too big for new devices, so i’ll resize it and put it into a drawable-xxhdpi folder, so the app won’t crash at startup. But the demo APK will be updated in a few days.

Hello there, nice app i would be interested in both android and iphone … can you answer a few questions please.

1. I have my own wordpress site like other other real estate portal owners and i would like to integrate this app with my own database so the properties on the app and the properties on the site are synced. Also users are able to upload properties through the site and i can see that you also have the uploading option. Can you please tell me if i can integrate the database so wordpress and this app can use the same database to read and write for both iphone + android + wordpress!

Is that possible?


unfortunately that’s not possible because This app has Parse SDK as backend not MySQL, so it cannot be connected to your word press site, i’m sorry