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Great script. Simple & straight to the point. My only suggestion is to enable registration, as it is a vital part of this script and potential buyers will want to test. I personally do not buy anything before thoughtfully testing it. Cheers.

Hello! Everything from a different account can be seen in the demo account; Username: demo, Password: demo. There aren’t any restrictions after you log into it. I will take count of your suggestions tought…for the future. Thank you and have a nice day!

Ok, now account registering is enabled. Thank you!

Very great and simple script i would suggest more feature on adding website like hitleap


Thank you! Maybe more features are comming in the future.

Looks like a nice script with potential. When a user ‘browses’ websites to earn points, which IP is registered, the actual user IP or the server IP?


When did you try? I fixed a small bug 2-3 hours ago. Try again and let me know if it works or not. Thank you!

Tried about 1 hour ago. Just tried with a third email – no email received. Thks.

Try now. I tried with yahoo and gmail and it worked. If it still don’t works I will activate your account manually until I get it fixed.

Please use this e-mail address to reply the feedback and to report the bugs: waterproofthemes@gmail.com Thank you!

Really interested in this, looks like a great script. My only concern is:

- Payments; is PayPal available? Would like to see PayPal Sandbox implemented on the Live Test to test it.

- Will we be able to test this script on an account we create to test? If so, when?

- How does the point system work; when we add a website, do we get an option to have visitors spend more time for more points? how do we get assigned points? I feel like this isn’t working optimally on the Live Test.

- The about page, support and TOS redirects user to index on Live Test. Would like to see this functioning. Are we able to add new pages to the website?

Thank you.


- Payments are not implemented yet (to buy extra slots and points), but maybe in the future they will.

- Account registration is enabled now.

- You add a website. Your website will be added to the browsing list. Users will browse your website – so they generate views to your website.

- You can add your own pages there. I will provide a template for them asap.

Thank you!

Hello. Create a system of exchange of traffic with the help of teaser blocks. What you offer is not interesting and does not lead the interested traffic just increases stats. Teaser blocks will allow you to get interested targeted traffic. Network members establish units at their sites and exchange traffic. You can pay 10 and get 15. The mass of options.
Hello. Create a traffic exchange system with the help of teaser blocks. What you have to offer is not interesting and does not interested in the traffic, just increasing statistics. Teaser blocks allow getting interested in targeted traffic. Participants establish a network blocks to their sites and exchange traffic. You can send 10 and receive visitors 15. The mass of options.

hello my friend , I noticed you are using Hostinger which didn’t gives you enough bandwidth , try http://freehostia.com , it gives you 6GB bandwidth for free and I’m using it for my work . and good luck with sales :)

Hello! Thanks for the suggestion! In the future, I will try to afford a paid hosting service. Have a nice day!

i want to but need demoo please update demo thxx

The demo is working. Is there a problem?

Demo is in Romanian… Need English

I didn’t use any Romanian in iReach. Please try again and make sure it is not your browser. Thank you!

If possible, please send a screenshot to: waterproofthemes@gmail.com

Thank you!

Admin page Can not see?

There isn’t currently any admin panel / page available in iReach. Maybe there will be one in the future. Thank you!

is script coded in mysqli?

Yes. MySQLi was used in iRreach.

so is there an admin panel now?

You can go to phpMyAdmin and check the database. A custom admin panel does not exist yet. Thank you!

Just waiting 3 things to buy this: Admin panel, Payment System and Multi-language

Updated! Now iReach supports the Admin Panel. Wait for the update and let me know what you think. Thanks for your patience!

How can I access the admin page?

Updated the description too. You will have the creditentials in there. Happy Holidays!

Adding to my favorites but holding up purchasing until…

1. Admin panel. Approve accounts, etc, etc. 2. Payments or at least an admin panel to add points to a users account. I would like payments to be auto but if I had to I could accept payment elsewhere, but it’s irrelevant if I can’t give a user points.

Hope these features come then it’s an instant purchase.

Hello. Then it will require more time to develop. Keep in mind that holidays are comming, so maybe new updates will arrive after the New Year Eve. Have a nice day!

That’s fine. I’ll keep an eye on it and keep it on my favorites. Just sharing what it needs for it to be useful for me. Happy Holidays friend.

Happy Holidays too! ;)


ruam3 Purchased

Good morning I bought the script but it came without the database, you also spoke of some updates that already would be ready can make available?


ruam3 Purchased

Friend is now showing up invalid account

Contact me via e-mail: waterproofthemes@gmail.com Thank you!

Waiting for the next update before purchasing, very interesting script! waiting for payment feature for purchasing! thank you

Thank you. I do as much as I can to implement payments in the scripts. Happy new year! :)

HI Sir Author . im waiting your script .

Hello you too! Please be more explicit. What are you waiting for? Thank you!

your script not yet complete…i see many subjects not complete, like payment method and other settings. etc..

I already said, payments will not be implemented too soon. Have a nice day!


ruam3 Purchased

When will you have new friend updates? The counters are not beating the value, and even after closing the browser decreases by itself the points

Collected points will be automatically spent on websites traffic. And new updates are comming soon!

is the final update has released?? i would like to buy the script. thanks

You can see all the features in the demo. Just tell me what you want me to add and I’ll develop it asap. Have a nice day!

Quite interresting.

Can you please add some features?

1. user registration, with activation and captcha 2. website approval 3. add limits to website visits, like hour limit day limit week etc. 4. mannually allocate points to users, bonus or paid 5. daily stats for websites and point spent/earned 6. maybe some graphs

There are a lot of features that you could add.

If you need hosting, i will provide you free hosting, no bandwidth limit. How much space do you need and what are the specs?

Thanks for the request, I will keep in them in mind for the future. Have a nice day!

I have just purchased this but it bring very upset. 1- Configuration is not well explain ( even the demo content can not be edited) 2- Error when add sites, it does not go to sites database 3- Each site can not assigned random period by itself , which mean url a got the same period if user don’t change it. that’s not good cos each page can not be viewed for the same period from all user.

Have you properly installed the script? Contact me here please: waterproofthemes@gmail.com Thank you!

Why have you modified the original layout? It seems to be disconfigured… What happened?

has the last update changed only the layout? or something else?

Because for me is very important to keep the layout

Some bugs have been fixed and I’ve added the feature to track the websites hits per week. Check the demo at http://waterproofthemes.tk/apps/ireach/ to see the demo of the updated script.

Thanks and have a nice day!