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Love the comments section- shows the developer only answers praises about his project and ignores issues complexly. I’m out.

Hi, i’m sorry, you’re right. I have been very busy this period. I apologize.

Your complete project looks great. I am new to iOS programming and would need complete documentation to modify your template. Could you provide a snippet of code showing the documentation on how to customize the images in screenshot 16? Thank you, John

Error code Choose a destination with a supported architecture in order to run on this device. Why?

You’re going to have to start answering people’s questions if you’re going to sell anything. It instantly puts people off if they see there’s no support. There is more to selling on Envato than just posting an item for sale. Pull the item if you’re not prepared to support it. I would have bought this.

Hi, this is a project sealed in the AppStore. I put code here for developer who want see how it is made or create owner version. It work until iOS6.0. If it’s on Codecanyon, means that work. But i can’t offer support for this. There are info in the description and also in the project details on the right. No more.

is this support ios7? and xcode 5 ?

Hi, no is an old project this.

Any plans to update this project to work with ios7 and latest xCode ? would have purchased if there is.

Hello. I have some documents, picture, powerpoint etc.. which i want to view on my iPad as an app. Can you make it for me?

I love this one! It’s a great app! Will purchase it if you make the line drawing smooth(which means NO straight lines while drawing circles or curves!)

Is this code still working and supported? Kindly have me notified and I’ll buy the code. Thanks.

Cool Item! Good Luck!