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ios8 support?


There is a bug in your app, i solved it and i share it for future customers. If you build your app and you have 2 errors

_executing = NO; _finished = NO;

just add

BOOL _executing; BOOL _finished;

just after

BOOL responseFromCached;

I have written above, for the technical issues we have is service support, please click here and write a new ticket. https://studio76.pro/new-ticket. Thank you

i dont need support, i just tell you that there is an error, it’s to you say to your support to correct it, not e :)

Thank you, we know about it

xml is not working for me, can you send to me an example? csm@terra.com.br. Please it is urgent.

Hi, please go to suppjrt https://studio76.pro/new-ticket and make new ticket

Like it say before, you have to customise it with parse, contact their support for more information

The better way is wordpress

hello I wanted to know if he can transform this app compatible for apple and watch the price

Apple Watch compatible, the price. Tanks

Hi, please go to https://studio76.pro/new-ticket and send new ticket. Thanks

Im getting his error Build iPodcast of project iPodcast with configuration Debug

Check dependencies

architectures to compile for (ONLY_ACTIVE_ARCH=YES, active arch=x86_64, VALID_ARCHS=arm64 armv7 armv7s).

We have a great support team, please click here and write a new ticket. https://studio76.pro/new-ticket. Thanks

hi; is this the final update (iOS 8 and iPad support ) Thank you

also i want to embed the mp3 files within the app is that work?

i want you to make me a player with the following option how much does it cost please :

1- Universal Mp3 Player works in all iOS devices 2- playlist ( can be embedded inside the app with the mp3 files or linked and download from server) 3- option to create favorite playlist (for the users) 4- standard player buttons ( play , volume , shuffle ,...) 5- complete standalone project (not an add on or plugin) 6- support all languages 7- add playlist easily like using plist file 8- great modern graphics with ability to add background image and simple to change at any time. 9- ability to use IAP ( in app purchase to open all mp3 files or one file) 10-start page with great interface ( with buttons like , our apps , our site, rate us , listen to music button ” select from the favorite list he created or the Default play list”) 11-adding mp3 files easily like drag and drop in a folder (local inside the app not from server) 12- it will be great to easily using the plist file to add mp3 files and switch on or off in app purchase , switch on to work from server or from embedded mp3 within the app “local” 13- ability to add more categories and in app purchase for each one as a complete package 14- ability to control the player when the device is closed (play ,pause, stop, volume , next mp3 …) 15- play in the background.

Regarding the customization of the product please contact customer support. https://studio76.pro/new-ticket . Thanks

whether your player will remember the playback position or not?

such as,one end user play A song in 00:30 position,and then this end user play B song in 00:15.

when this end user play A song again.whether the player will continue to play from 00:30 or not?

if you set a pause, yes.

what happened to this https://studio76.pro/new-ticket im stil getting this error when I build /PodcasterV1/iPodcast/iPodcast/View/UserFileViewController.m:45:12: Use of undeclared identifier ‘UIStatusBarStyleLightContent’

is it possible to addd categories?

Yes, possible. Create ticket in support center http://studio76.pro/support

Have support iOS9?

Hi dear, I want to buy 5 more licenses If you are willing to added iAd or AdMob banners and Compatibility for iOS 9.1 and xcode 7 please let me know, Thanks in advance!

Good day! Please contact support https://studio76.pro/support

I bought the app but i dont use wordpress its possilble to use API key or how easy is to create a XML file with linkt to radiostation podcast?

Can you make the keywords show under the title?

Yes, send me e-mail

you get that?

do you have real demo or ipa or name on appstore for visiting app ?

Good day! We do not publish a demo app in appstore. Descriptions, screenshots and videos is enough to understand how the application works. Thanks.

Support for iOS 10?