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Hi, is there an admin demo?, iplay supports html5 games?.

Hi sir

Admin panel will be available this night

Now supported flash games


All video demo can’t play on mobile views. Not supported.

I will see on mobile :)

Good luck with selling! :)

Thank you sir :)

Salam, GLWS all those games are free to share ? i mean i will have no problem with google Adsence or Addmob ! also there is any admin panel ? or how to add new SWF games .. thanks :)

Hi sir

This just accepted by codecanyon team

I will add demo info this night

All features are exists and no problem with adsense

Hope you enjoy sir :)

Thanks khoya :)

العفو اخي

Welcome :)

Good luck with selling!

Thank you sir :)

Hello, nice script. How to add games?

Hi sir

Thank you

Here : http://mendelman.com/iplay/dashboard/games/add

Hope you enjoy sir :)

good job, nicely done ! i wish you all the best for your sales ;)

Thank you sir :)

Really nice script. I didn’t test everything but if those features I see in the demo are working flawlessly then Kudos to you.

Question: Buying this script means all the current games I see on the demo will be included? And where can I source for additional games? Thanks

Hi sir

Thank you :)

Yes all features are exists

For your question these games only for testing not including in script but you can easy add games by swf url

You can just put on google flash games for website and you will find a lot of games

Of course there is new updates coming

Hope you enjoy sir :)

not showing whole game i think template has a bug look>>>http://d.pr/v/JHBz

Hi sir

You can change width and height on one click

Hope you enjoy sir :)

does it work on mobile?

No sir

I try it on safari not working you can try other browsers

not installing games help!

Hi sir

Tell what’s your problem to help you :)

You can also contact me at ezzaroual@mail.com

I will be glad to help you :)


Next update sir :)

salam,is it familiar with adsense ??

Yes of course send details to ezzaroual@mail.com

and I will install iPlay for you soon as I get home

Hope you enjoy :)

i send it to you :) thank you soo much

Contact your hosting provider to upgrade php version to 5.5.6

Hi there,

is the flash game included in the source code?

Cheer and good luck on selling1

Hi sir

no not including


Hi I’m trying to add a game I try to upload and I always leave Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again i need help me

Hi sir

Please explain when did you get this error

Is it when you upload a swf file?

Hi sir

Sorry for late reply

Please check if this extension is enabled “php_fileinfo”

Also edit these values in your php.ini

post_max_size and upload_max_size

Hope you enjoy sir :)

page not allowing game to load error ? look>>> http://d.pr/i/L9Lx

Hi sir

I think problem from this flash game not from my app :)

Fantastic job

Thank you sir :)

1.from where could I add more games? 2.and games such as: apk for mobile would be accepted or not to add? 3. adsense ad there ?

Hi sir

1 – You can search games on Google just put “Flash games for website” you will find a lot of sites

2 – apk not accepted sir

3 – You can add Adsense Code

Hope you enjoy sir :)

I noted the games take a long time to open, does it belong to server abilities or the structure of code ?

May be from the game or connection

Script Code is good sir It’s based on Laravel framework


Kindly pls install script on our hosting server, all details are sent at ezzaroual@mail.com

Hi sir

Sorry for late reply

I just got your messages

I replied you


tomomi Purchased

Hi. I’m getting that warning when i try to add a game with source -> Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again

Hi sir

Please send me your website and admin login to ezzaroual@mail.com

Have a great day sir :)


mdnntn2014 Purchased

Dear DarkTeamX

Demo of this script is not working, could you pls activate it

Thanks n Regards,