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The plugin is not working and is stalled on Processing. I attempted to open a ticket, but there is no option for this plugin from the drop down menu.

I want to do the demo like this, how to do, but install the plugin but do not know to make a separate item http://iphotor.com/editor/

What I need is upload the same demo, use administrator rights, with not save the picture, then buy too much money, I want to use public for my friends to use, if so what need?

We’ll update the plugin with public hooks, to that you can insert your code in our hooks.

You can get the next version on last of this month.

Thank you so much, I would like to use the community to share some photos with my friends, thank you

It was the end of the month, look forward to updating the update as said the day before

Regards, It works only as administrator, I need public access as in the demo.

How is it done?

Hi!  I want to make my clients the option of uploading photos to my server, editing them, and downloading them. The issues would be made with your iphotor. How do I proceed?

ps: The plugin support system is very bad.

Any one?


Great plugin. I’m missing one thing: rounded text, is this feature planned for future?

Hello. I’ve got a question before buying. This is very important for me: Can a not admin use this photo editor? I want my visitors to use the photo editor, like in your demo. Is this possible?

Hi, I intend to make an online store where the user can use an image editor and then order the printing of that image. That is, the user must upload the image, edit it and in the end send the image to the shopping cart to place the order. I want to know if is possible use the iPhotor for that purpose and if is possible connect the iPhotor to the shopping cart.

PLEASE ANSWER, I really like this photo editor, but I need an online version that my users can use as well (like in the demo version). Are you going to add this in your next update? YES OR NO???? I don’t know if I should wait or buy another plugin…


Yes, this is WP version and the PHP version will be released soon. It allows everyone can edit their photos and upload to your server. You’ll able to handle the upload processing to decide who can upload and where to storage photos.