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Hi, I am really impressed with the app. I have few doubts before buying it.

Can the app be modified to a particular location and show only the nearest places of that particular location at all time. (I wish to include in this some of my clients’ apps, it should show the near by places of my clients’ office at all times)

Can certain categories of the places be filtered from the google places?

What versions of Titanium are supported?


can this app be modified for php in a webapp

I keep getting the error; cannot read property ‘oPlaces’ of undefined at /index.html

Hey everyone, i purchased this product and i am trying to use with the foursquare API . What i did is that i created a new project and imported everything. But when i run it i get this below in my console:

[INFO] https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/place/search/json?location=undefined,undefined&radius=500&types=food&sensor=true&key=AIzaSyC2sD8o0NIZni2BscO3cSICGXbCozpmXEM [INFO] { "html_attributions" = ( ); results = ( ); status = "INVALID_REQUEST"; }

I think the new places object is not getting the coordinates from the .getCurrentPosition() method. I need some serious help.

Do you have some app like this to Android?

I bought the app yesterday and followed the instructions. I am using the latest version of titanium and am getting no results in the simulator? Please, any ideas?

Wow, last comment was 2 years ago! I wonder if this app is still being maintained?

If I buy the app can you please install it for me?

IS there an android app like this?

Is this app supported?