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Can i put the watermark on another image, instead of the head of the fat guy?

Hi bulldesigndk
Not sure ,you can try put some useless images , see what happens
Or you can buy a license ,it’s the best spritesheet packer so far

Or if you don’t want to buy texturepacker , you can send me an email via my profile page , so I can pack it for you ;)

Is it possible to substitute the 3 guys with tailor made characters?

Couple of questions ( and great item by the way )

Is there method for submitting scores ? Be cool to submit scores to Facebook etc, or to a mysql db.

Does this work on iphone 5 ?

As previous users have said, how would be add / edit characters ?

I have never fiddled with flash, but have :

flash cs6 and flash builder 4.6 etc

Look fwd to your reply.


Hi SportTipsWorld
Is there method for submitting scores ?
-No , sorry I don’t know facebook and mysql
Does this work on iphone 5 ?
Works on iPhone as lightbox

Is it possible to substitute the 3 guys with tailor made characters? In which format are they saved?

Thank you

how easy is it to change the characters? If i overwrite the images will this work?

From where you throw dart and how do you throw dart on that? Is there any iTune download link that I can play?


iPhone 5 compatible?

Hi mileskaye
Cave Run Game – Cocos2D (version 1.x) (iphone 5 ready : NO)
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iPhone Game : Dart Wheel – Cocos2D (version 1.x) (iphone 5 ready : NO)
Funny Archery Game -Cocos2D (version 2.x) (iphone 5 ready : YES) iPhone : Horse Racing Game – Cocos2D (version 2.x) (iphone 5 ready : YES)
iPhone : Birds Hunter Game – Cocos2D (version 2.x) (iphone 5 ready : YES)
Whack A Mole – iPhone Game – Cocos2D (version 2.x) (iphone 5 ready : YES)
iPhone Game – Bow Hunting – Cocos2D (version 2.x) (iphone 5 ready : YES)

Would you consider making Dark Wheel iPhone 5 comp?

Hi FlashTang, I bought your Dart Wheel game, I like it very much.

I’d like to ask if you are available as a freelancer to customize the code a little bit further? (free version with ads and in app purchase, only coding, graphics provided by me)

Thanks for your attention, Medjai

hi, i’m really interested in this awesome game, do you have plans to update it for version 2.2 of cocos2D? i have xcode 4.6 but i can’t downgrade or other apps i have won’t work. Is this compatible with my version?

do you offer your severs to customize this game with different characters if i sent graphics? I also would like to then upload to my developer account.

Disapointed… Old cocos2d… No iAd… UDID Apple rejection…

Hi aven59
Due to Apple’s new policy , to fix the UDID issue , please delete cocoslive from Xcode project
Kind regards

Already done, thank you. Do you have at least one cocos2d projet working with iAd ???

Hi aven59
I never worked with iAD , please search google for some iAD tuts
Kind regards

Hi, i encountered the same in-game crash problems as “jedijawa”.

Can i get the update from you too? I just bought the game 4 days ago and is my copy already the updated and fixed one?


Hi ronseow
It’s already the updated version , but strange , it works fine in my side
Kind regards

Is this compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7?

Is this compatible with iOS 7 and Xcode 5?

hi, i want change the face of caracter, i can change? and after i need put in appstore for others download. How much for i do all this?


I just bought this iOS Game from you and i am really disappointed!!! I haven’t even touched the coding yet, all i did was “double click the Xcode file and clicked the BUILD BUTTON” and all i see is “BUILD FAILED” with 32 errors!!!!!!

This game shouldn’t be packaged with errors! at least it should start when initially tested!

NOW: I am not looking for a refund because i frankly like to see how this game works! so will you please do honours and fix the errors and email it to me?


Error: ld: -pie can only be used when targeting iOS 4.2 or later clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

To see there’s please click the following link: http://www.graphicdesign4u.com.au/F/error.png

please get back to me as soon as possible

Thank you in advance :)

Hi rafed163
Please set Deployment Target to iOS 4.3 at least
General > target info > Deployment Target > choose 4.3
or iOS 7.0
And please notice : the cocos2d used in this game is not 64bit , apple will not approve 32 bit apps since June 2015
will update it when I have time
Kind regards

Hi, thanks for that

I managed to get it working but its not showing in full iPhone 6 mode and since its not 64bits i am now stuck and have to wait until you update it :(

Please let me know once update is available


Do u have android version?

are you ever going to update this?

Many technical problems, can you help me out ?

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException (lldb) very old source code. need help to fix it.