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Can one dispatch the ready figure then also as e-mail?

Do the clothing items actually snap to the body when you drag the clothes to a specific part of the body (i.e. if you drag a shirt to the the chest area the shirt will snap in place to the proper area of the chest)?

Hi cjkeeme,

they don’t, but it’s not hard to make it work that way. If you need custom modification on any of my projects feel free to contact me, I’m available for freelance.




I have not purchased this app yet but my question is: does editing/modifying/uploading require a Mac?

Thank you

Hi keithsrq,

answer is yes.



Nice clean code

Easy to edit

Easy to add to existing projects

I finished an app within 20 hours of working with this code,

I have also bought the sellers matching game code and both are really good to work with,

Please make more


Hi Duncan69,

thanks a lot for nice feedback :)

I’ll post some more items soon, feel free to check whats new from time to time.



Forgot to say, it was easy for me to make this work full screen on an iPad as well as an iPhone, but that part might be hard to do for new people to xcode,

Thanks :-)

Does anybody know how to make the clothes pinch to make smaller stretch to make bigger ?

Hi Duncan69,

add gesture recognizer for pinch, calculate scale when item is pinched and apply new scale.



Thanks for your reply Planet1107

I know a little about gesture recognizer however i can’t seam to make it work with the dress up game app,

If you could possible send me in the right direction with the code that would be fantastic and i would be ever so grateful

Thanks in advance

Please contact me on mail.

Thanks, cheers,


Are you using cocos2d by any chance?

Hi jattsona,

no, cocos2d is not used in this project.


i dont have experience on iphone code and I want to change the language of this app to my own language. Is it possible ? and how to /

Thanks a lot

Hi agungpambudi, there are no texts in this game. This is more like template where you are able to move cloth images onto character.

hello is C2 source code included ?

bad Game

Not compatible with screen