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Any chance I could see a video of this app working?

I’m making a video. Wait please

Me too please!

I’m making a video. Wait please

no reply from dev?

i would buy this but i need to make sure it runs on newest xcode and ios 5.1 without warnings. thanks.

Hi, I have seen this code (con change) in an App in the App Store. Can I use the same code with minimal changes for a new app. What should I do for not to be considered a clone App?. Can you help with that (with paid work, of course)?. Thanks Gonzalo Mora gonzalomora@me.com

with ios5 and ios6 don’t work on “iPhone simulator”...

this is the log file: WARNING : -[<AVCaptureVideoPreviewLayer: 0×7a3e750> setOrientation:] is deprecated. Please use AVCaptureConnection’s -setVideoOrientation: 2012-09-16 20:58:32.964 SelfTimer[7522:c07] ERROR : trying to open camera: Error Domain=AVFoundationErrorDomain Code=-11814 “Cannot Record” UserInfo=0×7d317a0 {NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Try recording again., NSLocalizedDescription=Cannot Record} 2012-09-16 20:58:32.965 SelfTimer[7522:c07] * Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidArgumentException’, reason: ‘* Can’t add a nil AVCaptureInput’

app don’t work. Please can you fix it?

Haven’t bought but was looking at the comments…. this will NOT work in the sim as it needs the camera =) Just some help to the devs out there.

haii,i had purchased this coe yeastrday.i dont have iphone 4 or 4s to test it,but i had ipod 4th gen,i testd itand it woks fine,but what is the use of torch button in this app?how to add a camara zoom funcatnlty to this app?

app not run on ios 6 ? App crash and close ! please helpme !

app not run on ios6 !no purchase app, no support ! argggg

To all you who are not happy with it – request a full refund. I would not touch any of this guys offerings, and fortunately there are two.

This app dosent work! Please sort this out?

This dosent work? Multiple errors! Can you please help and resolve this issue asap. Or refund my money.

I purchased today. It has very bad coding. Totally mess. Seems like i need to rewrite entire code or spend long hours to modify. Even method names are not English. If you are selling a code in international environment you need to be write code in English. I do not recommend a purchase. Good advertisement but very bad code.

how to change the vImagePreview size please let me know

Man please support us !?

Hello, do you have a preview video available to show the app?

Fuck no Support for this app

Kindly have me notified if this app is updated and working on latest xcode/ios and I’ll buy it. Thanks.