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How to use bootstrap carousel in a popover content?

I should check it, can you send me an email and I will prepare a sample.

Hi, I got a problem updating the Plugin. Should I uninstall the prior versions of iPanorama 360° before installing a new version?

Yes, you’re right

Hi Can i install in on my joomla website? How is it possible to show an iPanorama360 in our joomla website? When i buy it, can you install and config it on our website? thanks

Sorry, but I didn’t work with joomla yet. I should read about that CMS and it’s features.

Hello, How can we add an ease-in and ease-out on mouse hover grab option?

Ups, I see. I should test it, because the current realization is not so smooth.

Avirtum, Could you help us in this?

I should test it as said above, it depends on a realization.

Hello, do you have any way to lock a camera up to 180 degrees, or take the spinning loop from the image? I would like to use a 90 degree image where a camera hangs not to limit the image

The script doesn’t support this feature, it supports only 360×180 and 360 degree images, and we can lock only vertical camera movement.

Any plans to add WebVR support?

I can’t add VR, because the current hotspots realization (I use divs) can’t be easy adopt into this mode.

Hi there Avirtum, any new feature updates? I am still waiting if it’s possible to implement static logo overlay on tour corners, like the one example I sent to you over email. :)

It can be done via custom js section, just several lines of code.

Alright, sent a support email. Cheers


hello would you kindly inform us what is the difference between this and the wordpress version? sorry i’m new to web development. thanks

This is a builder. It prepares a panorama config (see video) that you can use in your html pages (you should know html, js and css). The wordpress version is more friendly, you do not need programming skills, just build your virtual tour and paste a shortcode into a post or a page. You can check a lite wp version on wordpress.org.

Hi. Can I load panopama json to builder a direct call javascript function? Without file dialog form.

Can you describe why do want it, because I do not realize this feature destination.

i use mysql table `panoramas` (`Id`, `File`, `Hotspots`), And I think, I could use builder for editing hotspots, load json config via ajax in builder -> edit hotspot -> ajax save

sorry my eng(google translate)

I see. It can be done only if you have got the builder source code and extend it, another way is writing your own solution at the moment.

Can you please send me also the example of how to embedded the tour?

I’ve answered to you via email.

This can not load big files all I get is a black in the player.

Hello. Can you send me an image example to avirtum[@]gmail.com? Also what kind of device do you use?

Is there an option to open popups sliding in from left or right with content when clicking on the the hotspots?

Like this: https://www.kaansstreamstore.nl/en

It can be done only via custom javascript and css code.

You have an idea how to do that?

My plugin has a custom js section, well you can handle click event from a hotspot and create a div with your content as example or take it from popover, but it should be tested.

Friend has how to configure to move the image only horizontally, preventing vertical movement ? Do photos have to be panoramic or can they be normal photo sequences ?

We should set pitch limits to ON, next set top and bottom limit to 0, then select a cylinder scene type. One moment, your image should have a 1:2 ratio, otherwise we will see top and bottom black holes.

Sorry, I did not understand. I would like to know if the image / photo should be panoramic or I can send several photos in a sequence that it joins and creates the panoramic

I see, well the image should be panoramic with ratio 1:2, it can be equirectangular, cubemap format, or 6 separate images (top, bottom, left, right, front, back)

Hi Avirtum how are you these days? Anything new planned for iPanorama? I am writing this comment to ask for advice on how to improve speed in loading virtual tours. I am already satisfied with the speed as of now but would be better if I can hear from experts like you. Thank you in advance! Cheers…


DiditzZz Purchased

Hi Avirtum, is there any update to this feature? Would like to see the speed of initial loading improved :)

I’m planning to do this feature in December, because I’m busy now, have a lot of side work.


DiditzZz Purchased

Yep! No sweat, keep up the good work! Keep strong. Cheers!

Friend, I can instead use multiple photos, use only 1 or 2 already photographed in panoramic ?

Can you describe your problem more clearly?)

friend is not a problem, I just want to know if instead of using multiple photos in sequence, that the script transforms into 1 in 360 ° I can use a photo already in 180 ° or panoramic photo or even 1 photo in 360 ° ... There are several android apps and they make it easy to create 180 ° and 360 ° photos and I thought I’d use them to generate the photo in a simpler and faster way.

I see, well, my plugin needs one photo in 360° (equirectangular, cubemap format), also we can use one photo in 180° and use a cylinder scene type, but we should keep ratio 1:2 for better view.

why the share button can not work? i have enable the “Share control”

It’s just a callback function, we should make some code to make it work like in my another project – FastPano. I can share this code, if you need it.

thanks , i just want to “embed” my panorama page( build with iPanorama 360 Virtual Tour Builder ) to other page

I see, if you want a code write me an email to avirtum[@]gmail.com I can send it to you.

I cant use the ipanorama, the content of the page gets blank. https://www.devel.campingave.net/fr/le-camping/

Something bad with your settings, can you save it to a json file (click “Save to File” button) and send it to me avirtum[@]gmail.com.