Discussion on iPanorama 360° - jQuery Virtual Tour Builder

Discussion on iPanorama 360° - jQuery Virtual Tour Builder

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Hi Avirtum

The 360 photo view is not working. It only loads the images if the tab is changed or the browser window is resized. Is there an update available to fix this error?

i want to call a function when someone clicks on any hotspot and use the scene name. Is there any callback function for achieving this?

Write me to email avirtum[@] I will show an example

I need a dropdown also for switching over different images. An example of the same can be seen in the top right section of this link Kindly help

Hi, is it possible to upgrade to the wordpress version for a special price ;-)?

Do not understand you a little? What do you mean by that? Please, use the support form or email me.

When i buy this script (jquery version), I will have Builder like

Yes, the package includes this builder too.

Go to “hotspot settings” and select the field “go to a scene”

Doesn’t this version have a Widget “Civic” like the WordPress version?

No, it doesn’t have this widget, because it’s another version.

does it work´s on iOS?

Good luck with your sales

Hello! Which library is used for image panorama? (zooming and panning the image)

If we are talking about the front-end, well, it’s my custom jQuery plugin.

can i use iPanorama on more than one domain

One license per site, you can read the license policy

Still not working on ios after resizing the scene in the iframe

Sorry, but no, it’s the sphere geometry issue. My new version doesn’t have such problems, but I didn’t release it yet.

Will that be an update for this one? Or a different purchase, whats the date of release?

I should rewrite the builder, about the date I do not know, but it should be like this –

hi, i cant get it to work on ios, works fine on pc, macos and android, but not ios, i read about the full screen restriction, i try to make it in a iframe to make it smaller, but doesnt work, the image looks black, any fix to this?

sure, this is the full page: this is with an iframe:

they work on macos, pc, android, but doesnt work on ios (ipad, iphone)

Your 360 image has the size 5760×2880, it’s not power of two, try to reduce it to 4096×2048 and test.

that fix it! thank you

Will the video file be supported instead of image? If there would appreciate..

No, the plugin doesn’t support the 360 video

Hi. Can we create a new one by importing the files in a json file that we prepared with ipanaroma lite version?

As I said above the WordPress version is not the jQuery version. They are incompatible, they have different configs and structures.

Do you have an automatic converter tool?

No, it doesn’t exist.

I want to use like a 360 gallery in a html site I’m building, will I be able to do that with this code?

How could I know. It depends on your markup and how it should look like.

I mean, is it posible to insert this as an iframe so I can call it with something like: < a href=”photo1.html” data-lightbox=”iframe” class=”photo position-relative”>< img src=”/images/photo1.jpg” alt=”Image” class=”rounded-lg shadow-lg”>< i class=”icon-play”>< /i> ??

If we talk about the iframe realization so yes, it’s possible. We should create several pages with virtual tours, then call them via iframe method as you’ve shown above.

Everything is working fine for now.How to make images load faster? The current operation is to store the photos in the directory, and when the page opens, the panoramic photos load out. Some software is to put the photos into tiles, so loading speed will be faster.

My new version supports preload images (they should be with tiny sizes), the plugin loads them first, then it loads original images. But I didn’t publish this version yet, because I didn’t write the builder for it.

When will VR be supported?

No, one of the reason is the hotspots, they are HTML elements


the json that the builder output me is different from the examples and demo, and naturally it doesn’t work. the main diff that i saw: 1) “scenes” is an array and not an object 2) “sceneId” is always null

Where did you get this json config? Please, write me to my email avirtum[@]

it is possible to get access to angular source code to adapt with 2020 support?

I can provide the builder source code fully by request, write me to my email.

threre are some files are missing jqery.js and three.js can you provide

Check the [package]\demo\assets\js\lib\


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