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Hello Max,

It is taking delay to load each scene after hotspot click. I ‘ve gone through this plugin ‘comment’ section and seems that, you had already implemented a function/feature called ‘sceneBackgroundLoad’ to load all scenes together in background.

Is it taking too much time for initial loading?

Please provide this feature to make everything load faster and smoother.

Thanks & Regards, Vijil

Ok. I will add this feature in next release, I hope.

Hi! Do I need to upload the whole folder to a server so that the builder will work properly because it seems that the builder does not work in offline?

Yes, you’re right. The builder can’t work properlyif you run it local. Just copy the folder ‘builder’ to a web server. I use XAMPP for this tasks.

Hi, why is not possible to see the points zenit and nadir.. full top and full bottom? thanks in advance

If you use the builder you should use it on a web server. I use XAMPP for this tasks.

The “builder” is already on the web server.. so how Can I solve?

Give me a link, I will check. Please use support form, it’s better than comments.

I bought a builder and I tried it . I generated the code and pasted into my html document. I followed Instruction that appears after you press the button get code. There is blank page and do not load my virtual tour. How to fix that?

Hello. Can you send me avirtum[@]gmail.com you html package I will check it.

By the way my html is in my server. Do I need to send the html file only?

Yes, you can send only html if it includes js config.

I created a vr tour, the sphere and cylinder type is okay but when it is cube its hard to rotate. How to fix it sir?

What does it mean ‘hard to rotate’, because the rotation is always the same for each type of scene.

Hi! The thumb is not working. How to fix it? I already upload small images but it still don’t work. please help. thanks

Can you provide a link for test? Also, please use a support form except comments.

awsome plugin, please send “builder\assets\js\app.min.js” unminified js file.


we sent a message, waiting for you


hi guys, i have problem when i’m upload images, i have too many projects so can you guys make an option or feature for create folders for every project? because is dificult to find the images beteween all the others. i have a picture that you can make for the next version https://s17.postimg.org/4jtf558bj/Captura_final.jpg

Hello. I have my own filemanager which support folders, well I will try to add this feature in next release. You can see his work here https://codecanyon.net/item/fastpano-360-virtual-tour-constructor/18509381

Hello Avirtum

Thank you for such a good Plugin! Have been searching for something like this for ages! I wanted to know, how you can remove the default zoom? I want my images not to have any, because of the quality loss. Best Regards

Hello. What do you mean by default zoom. You can disable zoom, also you can remove control. What exactly do you want?

is the apps shareable for facebook 360 as well ?

I do not understand? What do you mean, can you rpovide an example.

Friend, I found it very cool and interesting but I was left with a question, how do I capture a photo and give 360 Degrees? Would have to hit several photos and the script joins creating the image in 360?

You should use a special camera or program for this.


DiditzZz Purchased

Hi, I am unfamiliar with editing LESS files. Do you provide support on this (I own the wordpress version to this)? Because my request is to be able to edit the hotspot icon styles and also to be able to create different hotspot icons per 1 virtual tour. When I was using panotour, I was able to create 1 hotspot icon for normal area tour, another hotspot icon that shows image when clicked on, and another hotspot icon which upon click will open a website link in new window. I know that your plugin can do all this, except for different hotspot icon style. Of course by saying this, I hope (and I’m sure there’ll eventually be other 360 photographers in future) will request a feature to be able to select hotspot icons from our own collection, ultimately of course to support animated .GIF version, as most virtual tour builder softwares out there has animated hotspot icon style utilizing .GIF animation.

This is my final question, as soon as everything is addressed I’ll definitely buy. Am tired of not being able to use virtual tour builder software on-the-go (too heavy to use on laptops). Also I just recently got approved for Google Streetview Photographer, so it’s exciting time. Thanks in advance! Cheers…

Hello. I’m making a new version that support easy way for changing hotspot icons at the moment. This version is near the end. One note: it’s christmas vacation now and I will continue my work after 5 january. Happy New Year.


DiditzZz Purchased

Hey Avirtum, that’s great news! Just make sure that we are able to use .GIF animated icons and this would become perfect plugin! Happy New Year & Cheers…

Can I use this plugin with the photos taken with RICOH THETA S?

Yes, you can. This camera should make photos like on examples https://www.flickr.com/groups/equirectangular/

hi. my image resolution 14404X7202 and image file size 89 mb , when select image then load image on mini preview screen crash app :


Unhandled exception at line 666, column 362 in http://localhost/builder/assets/lib/three.min.js

0×80004005 – JavaScript runtime error: Unspecified error.


max image resolution = ? max image size = ? mb


It’s a too big file. WebGL doesn’t support this, on some mobile phones this size should be more smaller. In my examples I use resolution 5868×2934 and near 1Mb images.



Gitek Purchased

Hello, great script! :) One question, hot to use custom css with a combination of Hotspot Custom Style? If i write in custom css: .css-style1 {....} and use it in hotspot custom style as: div class=”css-style1 nothing happens. It is working?

Thank you! Regards, Denis


Gitek Purchased

I send email to you.


Gitek Purchased

I realize how to add custom css, but it work only if I insert css code into my css file. If I insert code direct to Builder (General settings > Custom css) not working. Is it possible to add more actions when we click on hotspot like open new page, open pdf….? Now is only “go to scene” option.

Thank you!

You can define a class for the selected hotspot and then after the plugin initialization you can make a call like this $(’.myhotspotclass’).on(“click”, function(e) { ... });


we want change hotspot image, please send info, scene and pulse image original files.


Write me an email to avirtum[@]gmail.com or use suport form. I will send a tutorial how to do that.

Hi! I tried to put a background music when the panorama loads and it works but I want to stop the music after I clicked a hotspot that will play a music or a video. What is the name of the script or file where I can do that? Can you give me some idea sir. Thank you in advance.

You should define a class for a hotspot or use a common class “ipnrm-hotspot”, after script initialization you should handle click event like $(“ipnrm-hotspot”).on(“click”, function() { ... });

Hello Max! How to define a class for a hotspot?

See a hotspot tab, “Hotspot Custom Style” section, “Hotspot Class Name” parameter.


Gitek Purchased

Hello, I would like to ask if in the near future will be some upgrade? Thank you. Regards.

New version will be this week or next. I’m testing it.

Can you use spheres? to view the sky and ground

If you talk about my demo, well, it has pitch limits ON. If you turn off this parameter the camera can look to nadir and zenith.