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When i compile the app, Xcode get me this error:

ld: library not found for -lPods-IPTV clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

Open the “IPTV.xcworkspace” file.

If open the workspace file, Xcode compile well the app.

I’m a developer: can i force the download url?

YES ;)

From 1.2.2 version, the developer can force the remote url.
Force the remote url remove from slide menu the label: “Add plist url”
Make it is very simple. You can configure this feature from the “IPTV-Prefix.pch”. Read the manual to more info.


How i customize the Plist file?

In the package to download you find many files.
One of this is “channels.plist”.

To create a custom channels plist, or refresh the channels url when your channels change the address, you can edit this file.

The file structure (opened with Xcode), is like this:


With Xcode (or another file editor) you can add more node (= more channels).

Customize channels

To customize the channels, in each node of .plist file, you need to add:

  • Channel name
  • Channel url
  • Channel icon (optional)
  • Channel signal quality (optional)

When you finish to add your channels, save the file and publish it in a valid http server.

Next step: update the channels list in your Mobile App.

  • Open the application from your smartphone, open menu and add the url in Settings> Add Plist Url
  • When finish to add url, save
  • Selected form slide menu “Update Channel”.

Now you have a new channels list in main screen.


This is a structure of xml plist.


The application supports Airplay video?

Current version only supports AirPlay audio stream, but not includes video stream, and we have plan to add AirPlay video stream support in future version. Thanks for your feedback.

The application works with remote channels plist?

Yes, it works with remote channels plist.

How i compile the ffmpeg library?

In the application manual you can find a very complete documentation.
The root directory of the application contain more script to auto compile it.

Where i can found the ip channels list to use in the App?

Go to Google and try to search: “free ip channels
You’ll find many result on it.

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