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Simple but useful.

Good luck with sales. :)

Thank you very much

Internal Server Error on test page


Looks like this one has been hacked, getting “Internal Server Error on test page” error

Some people just tried to add invalid IP address. Sigh…

You should probably add some sort of validation.

It’s 500-ing again.

Hi, I have added a validation rule.

Hi, just purchased script but I seem to be having problems calling the script. I assume that you place the following code before the on each html page in the webroot:

Have I got it wrong?


Sorry, Activeden has removed the code I pasted above…...in which case please could you provide me with the correct source to put before the tag on each page I want to protect with ip blocker.


Hi, IP Blocker is used to protect your site from defined IPs, so you just have to drop folder “ip_blocker” and ”.htaccess” file to your domain webroot directory.

Please read manual files for more details.

Hello dilab,

This look like a nice easy scipt I like to own. I did use the demo but it work so good when I added my IP it block me from the admin area also.

I did get a chance to full around with the delete button or edit so I wanted to make sure this script is working correctly as advertise..

Thanks for your quick reply..

The only way I could test it,.. is to add my IP. Like you mention on demo page. I should of tested the two features of the script before I locked myself out. Crazy move on my end ( make since though).

One other question I’m going to have to test it again on my server to make sure it works.

How would I delete my IP on my server?

IPs are stored in a plain text files.

find ips.text and .htaccess

delete your IP inside these two files.

Got it…. thank you :)

Hi, Im glad you’ve offered this here.. Q. Can this be used on Country IPs as well?

what do you mean by country IPs ?

Sorry poor wording. I meant Can I set this to block visitors from certain Countries of the world, say, with the help of something like this: http://www.maxmind.com/app/country#features ? thanks `,;-j

You will need to manually find out those IPs and insert into IP BLOCKER .

Can you add wildcards * to ban entire blocks of IP addresses?

Great suggestion, thanks.

Will try to add that soon.


Did you ever get your script updated with the feature suggested by nomadicone??? If you made it where admin could do that and block countries, I’d buy

Ok, nomadicone, didnt ask about countries, he asked about wildcards? did you add “that” feature?


I am afraid that is not implemented.

Regards XD

Hi – the demo is not working for me. I tried on Chrome and Safari/Mac -

Make sure you have supplied correct public IP.

Regards, Xu

are you still around for info on this code?

hi there, im looking to add something like this to my membership site and want to know a few things. the small script i have seems to ban from iptables, yet on reboot of my linux os, all the ips i blocked all come back as there is no file it reads. looking more into it, its just a 60min block on a ip each time. will this : i can add any ip and on reboot the ip be there all the time? i can easly remove a ip if found to be ok? is it listed in a txt file to easly see ? can i rename the php file to anything? so no one could find the login page?

did that send ok


We have answered your email.

Regards, Xu

brought, but when i tested to block ips, it didnt, so i guess was in the wrong part of the folders. emailed , but no reply on support so far


We have answered your email.

Regards, Xu

will this work with nginx server?

No, it wont.

It replies on mod_access module.

Regards, Xu

moved hosts, page opens and added a ip. ip does make a list like before? but is in the httaccess file?

We have replied your email.

Regard, Xu

your demo dont work, please check it and get back.Thanks