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what amount of requests can it handle. my requirement is a million requests per minute

Everything is loaded and requested locally. The API can handle as many requests as your machine can handle. There is no restricting on limitation set by the project. So as long as your web server can handle a million requests a minute then there is no reason why the project could fail.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Providing UA and OS informations is a little bit pointless.

There is no external API. This tool is an IP and User Agent (UA) lookup tool. Which means you can enter in the IP address and user agent of your user to return their data (which you can then use to store inside a database for later use). You can grab your user’s IP and UA by accessing PHP’s $_SERVER array and then after this you can implement the API how you wish.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

That makes it more pointless, because what if you lookup an ip address that has never visited your website so that you never got an UA? You will return the current visitors UA and OS.

The majority of people who asked for this tool to be made wanted a simple API where they could query their users data. If you are just searching for an IP address lookup then all you need to worry about is the IP address information returned in the API. If you want to search for the User Agent as well then it’s there for your implementation.

This tool is made as a product that you can modify (as many tools are on CodeCanyon). It is up to you how you use and work with it inside your system.

The purpose you’re suggesting that you want to use this tool for is primarily to look up IP address as a search tool, rather than any integration into your user’s data. Which is perfectly fine and will work for what you are looking for.

Hope I’ve helped clear up any confusion you may have SoftCreatR.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Very nice… Would it be possible to add the ISP? Also does it use any third party connections to grab this information?

The current release of the project does not use any external resources to load the returned data, this allows the requests to be returned quicker and with a less chance of fail.

If it is an interest to you for us to add ISP’s and other data then let us know and we will review it, but that will require a third party connection and slow down the requests.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

I dont doubt your software bro what i mean is is the main database hosted with you or with some other service provider because rest all player keep a cap on api calls

Sorry if our last reply came off defensive. What we were trying to explain is that yes, everything is hosted internally, along with the database. So you won’t face any API rate limiting or caps on requests.

Let us know if you need anymore help :)

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

good job , very nice ;)

As it does not request anything externally, how do you get the geo location?

The geo location is given by the GeoLight database which is included inside the project.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Can you provide a database schema dump? Thanks!

Also, how large (in file size) is the database?

You can view the databases here. This project uses the GeoLite Country database. We decided to use geolite as a database because it allows royalty-free distribution and having a database locally saves a lot of bandwidth while also allowing much faster request than an external API. This database is updated on their site once a month (the first Tuesday of the month).

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team.

Looks interesting. Will be getting my hands on them to try out soon.

Good luck with your sales.


Thanks for the kinds words, let us know if you decide to purchase our product :)

The Element Softworks Team.

Hi, i think it will be good to import the database in a mysql.

We have provided the database in its original format, if you wish to change it then that is fine. But for future updates, keeping it in its current form will work best.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Your demo is showing the wrong IP address since you’re using Cloudflare without your webserver properly configured. Just wanted to tell you.

Very good spot! We’ll take a look at it and make the fixes, thanks for pointing that out Riley.

How do you do? Can you provide your demo home page source code to me?

Could you explain in more detail what you mean?

The demo page is included in the source code.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team

Nice work. Good luck!

Thanks, we appreciate the positive comment!

Hi i want the riderect page to file index.php on folder docs that can?

Hey Tommy, Where do you want to redirect from? You can use a .htaccess file to handle the redirect or change the folder structure so that the user loads the file inside the docs from the route of your project. Let us know if you need anymore help.

Thanks, The Element Softworks Team.

Hi – we have some pre-sale questions. Can you provide us an email where we can contact you? Thank you & God bless. = )