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Hi… How can i use this icons in PSD template ? i am using Windows

please advise

thanks :)

I’m not sure what you mean – the screencast is for Photoshop?

your ICONS only working on Mac … how about with Windows ?

i try using Window.. but canot use your icon fonts

please advise



What version of Photoshop are you using? I unfortunately can’t test in a windows environment on Photoshop.

It’s a ttf font, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work – can you send me an email via my profile page and I’ll send you a sample PSD file and see if that works.

hi , flix here :)

Has this been tested in wp 3.9 beta ? tinymce has been updated to v4.0 and is breaking most scripts for v3.0

looks great

Hi Flix,

I’ll test in the next couple of days to see what it’s looking like.

Hi! First of all, thanks for the great product!

Now to the point:

1. I’m a buyer of the Plugin. I’m trying to register to your Help System (http://help.themeva.com/register/), but it says “Invalid Purchase Code”, even after double-tripe-quadruple check in my LICENSE CERTIFICATE : Envato Marketplace Item from here.

2. Why I’m trying to do that – because I have problem with certain glyphs like: “icon-signout” and “icon-filter”. They appear “unclosed” in Firefox/Chrome/Safari – showing just thin outline without fill. There is no problem for most of the other glyphs in the same situation, or as a whole for IE(11).

Can provide the purchased set of the fonts, test HTML (just few lines), purchase details or whatever you need to provide hell (of fixed fonts).

Please, advise.

Just found the problem – when I remove the WOFF file form the list everything is rendered as it should.

Strange how it’s doing it for you only though – I wonder if something else is conflicting?

Have no idea. The only resources that I’m using are the CSS, the provided fonts and few lines of HTML for this example…

can I use these icons inside a CSS with content: ”\e119”; declaring the font-family?

Yes, if you take a look at the CSS file for the icons, you’ll see that this is the method used to display the fonts. Just make sure the code used, matches a font icon.

only few icons are working!!!

please try

span.fastforward { font-family:”ios7-style-font-icons”; } span.fastforward:before { content: ”\E17C”; }

unicode E601 is not recognized and also other 100 icons are not recognized


My apologies for the delay, I’ll need to see your site where you’re using the icons. I’m not sure if it’s where you have copied and pasted the code above but the quotes are special characters.

I can assure you they should work, otherwise the demo site would not be functioning.


Do you have font icons only? I hope you can sale that too ;)

Cheers, phpbits


Do you mean as a vector format or CSS only?

I mean the font format that I can use via css. Thanks

Cheers, phpbits

Where is the Preview of this iconset? =(

can i use this also in photoshop?

Hi, Where are the examples? lol. The “Live Demo” brings me to your website’s FAQ page.