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Important information for buyers!

We are not providing support for our items due to high load on projects. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app.

I am getting the following error: REQUEST FAILED

Please add as suffix the following to your website url: /api/
Example: www.company.com, becomes www.company.com/api/

How can I change the color of the date?

Open Main_iPhone_Storyboard, find the date text and click on it. After that look at XCode’s right sidebar and look for property Color.

How can I change the color of the icon that activates the Sliding Menu?

Open Main_iPhone_Storyboard, find the icon and click on it. After that look at XCode’s right sidebar and look for property Tint.

I have errors and I can’t run the app, what is wrong?

Maybe you have opened the wrong file. Please make sure that you have opened the .xcworkspace file not the .xcodeproj file.

Is this full iOS application for iPhone and iPad?

No, it is designed for iPhones.

Which version of xCode I should use?

xCode 8.3

I can’t access the plugin’s (JSON API) directory at http://mydomain.com/api/.

Please enable user-friendly permalinks in order to fix that.

How can I change the color of the ”< Back” element?

Open the Storyboard and there locate the Navigation Controller Scene – select it and inside you will see Navigation Controller element that contains Navigation Bar. Select the Navigation Bar element and on the right side of xCode you will see within the View section a Tint property – just change its color and you are done.

Do you guarantee that the app will be approved by Apple?

Of course we can’t guarantee you such thing, especially when we know how different are Apple’s requirements each time an app is submitted. What we know is that until now we do not have complains about app rejections.

How to change the background color of the Navigation Bar (Header)?

Open the Main_iPhone.storyboard file, find the Navigation bar item within the Navigation Controller Scene > Navigation Controller and on the right side look for the Bar Tint property – just select the desired color from the picker.

How to change the app name?

Click on your project file icon from Groups & Files panel, choose Target -> Build Settings -> Packaging -> Product Name. Click on the row, a pop-up will come, type your new app name here.

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