iOS Weather App with AdMob

iOS Weather App with AdMob

Important Support Notice

We are not providing support for this app. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app and eventually resolve issues on your own. Please don’t purchase the app if you don’t have the needed technical skills when it comes to resolving issues. Thanks for the understanding.


iOS Weather App with AdMob is powered by DarkSky API in terms of weather forecasts. Detailed forecasts that include hourly and daily information. Lots of additional data about sunrise, sunset, chance of rain, humidity, wind speed, feels like, pressure and visibility.

The app will detect user’s current location and will automatically display the weather for it. You can add additional cities in order to get an idea about the weather. In addition, you can delete already added city.


  • Clean and Intuitive UI
  • Detects user’s current location
  • Add / Remove additional cities
  • AdMob Ads: Regular Banner
  • Swift 3

We recommend you to check the Support tab of the product, where you could find a lot of additional information. For example, how to change the app name, bundle identifier, supported xCode versions, etc.

Check out the Android version

iOS Weather App with AdMob - 1

Latest Versions:

Version 2.1
  • When you add new city, the app will automatically switch to it
Version 2.0
  • Design changed: List view removed.
Version 1.5
  • New: You can navigate tapping on the page indicator in City Details View
  • New: Weather data will be now updated from within City Details View
Version 1.4
  • The app now works without Location Services enabled
  • Bug fixes
Version 1.3
  • Refined UI
  • Refined metrics logic: The app will detect user’s locale and determine in what units (metric or imperial) to request the weather
  • Fixed bug: Wrong time displayed for Sunrise and Sunset
Version 1.2
  • New: Loading indicator
  • Performance improvements
Version 1.1
  • Fixed typo: iconFog is now icon_fog
  • Fixed bug: Deleted cities are again displayed after app is killed
  • Fixed bug: The search doesn’t work for cyrillic.
  • New: Weather data is updated when the app is brough to foreground
  • New: in List View, the local time is displayed instead of last update time
Version 1.0
  • Initial version