Discussion on iOS Universal AdMob Banner + Interstital Ads Template (Swift)

Discussion on iOS Universal AdMob Banner + Interstital Ads Template (Swift)

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hello, can you add point withdrawal button in fronted user app so we can process it from admin panel?

Yes, this can be done for you , for a small charge ;)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Hello fvimagination, I also purchased Bizzy – . I saw in the Ads Template user guide that some of the instructions are already installed in the Bizzy App. can you please tell me which lines in your User guide should I ignore . or just give me full instructions how to setup the Admob interstitial ads to work on Bizzy app? (when Bizzy allreday have the Admob Banner ready). Thank you.

hi, just use the code that’s relative to the interstitial ad, i cannot post a step by step guide publicly, hope you’ll understand :)

Hi guys, how can I add this to an existing project that doesn’t have admob on it?

btw, i haven’t received any email, please pack your xcode project and relative folder into a zip file and upload it to Dropbox and send me its download link by my profile’s contact form.

sorry its coming now, check your email, its zipped already ;)

ok, i got it and replied to your email.

Do you have a video instructions please?

thanks it’s working fine now and btw on ipad the interstitial is small

great,so please rate this app on your downloads page: ;)

Interstitial ads have a pre-defined format, we can’t control it

hi can i use this on recipe app?

yes, since it’s written in Swift, anyway Recipes has already adMob banners implemented.

actually i want to add Interstitial Ads in the recipe app, so can i use this to add ?

yes, of course.

I wish you explain how that thing work I thought it’s webview any practical video plz?

Hi, it’s extremely simple to use this code if you carefully read the user guide and check the demo xcode project too. you may check this tutorial out too:

Hi! I am trying to add admob to my existing app but dont know which file to begin adding the code to. Go into your .swift file and import the following frameworks on the top of it:

which .swift file are you referring to because the documentation list as .swift

perfect, thanks! we don’t work on weekends so we’ll check it out tomorrow. PS: if you buy our other apps with AdMob banners you’ll find the same exact code that’s in this app, so you’ll learn the easy few steps to implement this code in your apps when we’ll reply to you with a commented code ;)

it’s a process, it’s not all copying and paste theres steps to take before you get to the code and not every project is the same. Hopefully things work out, thanks again

they surely will, wait for our reply

Hi I have app that use iad ad if i want to replace admob over iad what is the process with this one , Thanks!

hi, we have not provided any video preview for this AdMob template, so what video do you mean it’s unavailable?

Just how to disable or block iAds in xcode, Thanks!

Maybe you meant AdMob, since iAd no longer exists since about a year :)
You may check this video out, it may help you:

I have an existing app (that serves up youtube videos), I believe written in objective-c. Will I be able to use this code with it?

No, this code is written in Swift


When we change from Landscape mode to portrait, the adv will display at the middle of the screen, Same as when you change from Portrait to Landscape, the Adv disappear as well (I think it gone to the hidden part as it remember height equal bottom of the portrait mode). could you advice please.

Hi, that’s an iOS bug on rotation, anyway this template works better with a fixed orientation, either portrait or landscape. Cheers!

hello fvimagination, i am big follower of your apps/games and i am a big fan too and i have purchased most of your codes from are excellent.. this particular project looks very interesting to me, can it also be used to add admob banners to projects that are in obj c or cocos2d?. becox those are the main templates available other than swift projects?. Please advise, also is there an ability for me to choose if i want to admob over iad?. is there any setting that will do or the code automatically decides whether to load iAD or admob?> Please advise.

Hi, we’ve replied to your email, thanks!

does it got webview included

Hi, no this template does not include a WebView, you can use its code to show ads over a WebView though. Cheers !

Hello sir I got error The errors is “Swift Compiler Error Could Objective-C module ‘GoogleMobileAds’’” error here ! import GoogleMobileAds

Perfect, great!

with notice, when close xcode, error appear again >> delete GoogleMobileAds and add again error escapes :)

Ok, thanks, that may happen because XCode doesn’t always store the Google framework properly, it’s a small bug in XCode.

That’s exactly what I mean @gjupp

Ok, thanks to gjupp we understood what you meant. We cannot add IAP to our template because then it should only be bought under an Extended License, as per Envato rules, so that’s why we said we can add IAP as a customization service, after you’ve purchased the template under an Ext. License.

Im not quite sure what musikit0 means, but if they are saying they would like the ability to disable the ads via an in app purchase then yes that would certainly be something I would also be interested in.

No, there’s no way to sell an item here under an Extended License only, the system generates both Licenses, so we can add IAP to our templates upon custom request (after buying them under an Ext. Lic.)

Can you give an approx idea of how much it would cost to implement a custom request for IAP to disable the ads?

For quotations please contact us by our profile’s contact for, and we’ll get back to you asap.

Actually if you add IAP I’ll def buy it. I have anoter implementation but it;s lacking IAP.

Hi, this is a custom code for ads, not IAP, we may add IAP to your app as a customization service. Cheers!

I understand what it does, I’m just saying that if it had IAP I will buy it.


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