IOS Rewards App - POCKET

IOS Rewards App - POCKET

POCKET – IOS Rewards App is Free Gift Cards or Make Money App…

This is the IOS Version of the Existing Android App Pocket – POCKET – Android Rewards App

You can earn Money by just uploading it to the App Store. and the only Requirement is, “The More Users you acquire : the more Money you make in this business!”.

How to Setup and Reskin :

Simply download and follow the Provided Documentation to upload the ADMIN panel Backend source code and Android App Code.

Requirements :

1. Hosting with php & mysql Support
2. Webpanel (Not Included )
3. Xcode

Download Web Panel :

Purchase Webpanel Here

POCKET IOS is Integrated with Following Ad-Networks to for your users to enjoy.
2. Adscend Media
3. AdGate Media
4. More (Coming Soon)

Simply setup accounts with the above mentioned Ad-Networks. You Can also hide and re-arrange any of the Ad Networks.

We are always here to help you. Happy customer is the most important thing for us. Are you interested? Check this out :

Take a Look at the App demo :

View App Demo

Take a Look at the Admin Panel :

Admin Panel Demo :

User Name : administrator
password : administrator

Simply Upload the app to AppStore and Start Earning!

Note : Approval from AdNetworks is required !

if any AdNetwork Rejects/Declines your app, then you need to disable that AdNetwork and continue with approved one’s. And after a month or two if your app becomes popular then you can re-enable the AdNetwork at anytime after Approval !

Get this Money Making Machine Now !!

Happy Earning !!
Happy Money !!


v 1.0 – 10 Oct 2019
-- Initial Release