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Do you have just a compass without the qibla functionality?.

My apologize for late reply

1) if you need compass only, I can make as per your requirement. 2) I’ve added Admob banner already and if you wish I can ass interstitial ads too.

Yes, i want admob interstitials at start up.. i want two versions of it, one as it is, and second one just compass functionality not having qibla functionality

Please advise how soon you can provide me this.

could u pls provide ur mail id?

Is it possible to add prayer time ?

in this app we have just added Qibla Direction but if you would like to add prayerTimes, YES We can do that for you.

Yes, I want I will send you to your email

Sent you a message on email

Hello, can you add a prayer times or make a new app for that ?

Yes, I’ve worked on prayerTimes before many times and I can add prayertimes to your existing app for sure. Let’s chat for the proceed further.

Hello, can you add a prayer times for that ? please send me your email

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales

Thanks St1s.