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Hi, Send push notification is ok. But images do not go! When I try again to send again and go image. I checked mysql emotion table no inserted image link? Can you help this problem?


there might be something wrong. please double check. still have issue? contact us on skype.


No problem is working :) Thank you for your support.

Great. Thanks.

Two questions:

Is there a way for app to mark a news as read? If I delete de news from the database will the app be updated without showing that news?


1] news are not saved in DB. so you can’t delete and show effect in app

please need your help, can you provide a simple sample code for swift. Thank you very much

Sorry we haven’t any sample code in SWIFT regarding iOS pushnotification..if you want this custom work you can contact us on skype.Our skype id is icanstudioz.


i have sent you a request , thank you


Getting Error while running iOS App:

/Notification/IOSAPP_Source Code V2.0/NewsAPP/GoogleAds/GoogleMobileAds.framework/Modules/module.modulemap:2:19: Umbrella header ‘GoogleMobileAds.h’ not found


/Notification/IOSAPP_Source Code V2.0/NewsAPP/WebViewController.h:10:9: Could not build module ‘GoogleMobileAds’

Please Please Help Me, its really urgent.


it seems that your xcode doesn’t take google ads framework please try to copy paste it individually.


But Howz, I also Inserted by Add Files to projects, it is still showing error. Please help me on TeamViewer, it would be great, I have meeting with my client to demostrate this.

This software comes with all the source codes necessary ?

I can use the same admin panel and send push notifications to both Android and Ios platforms?

No..you need to use different for working in one panel you need to send custom work request at icanstudioz@gmail.com

I recently buy this code but where is the documentation how to install php admin panel

go to yourdomain.com/iOS_Server/documentation

or you can visit here too



Can I use the same back-end for IOS and Android APP ???

No.But you can send us custom request to make it in one panel.You can send us request on icanstudioz@gmail.com or also we are available on skype too.Skype id is icanstudioz.


Just bought this got the web control panel setup but on trying to run the app I’m getting 2 errors

Umbrella header ‘GoogleMobileAds.h not found

Could not build module Google MobileAds

Please Help!

Okay managed to get the app installed, and the device is registering with the server but no notifications are being sent to my phone?

Maybe issue in your certificates.Try to create new one.


I install the portal and app every thing is ok

but when send notification it gave failed to connect :0 i dont know what is the issue or can find the error log

No..you can contact us on skype.Our skype id is icanstudioz.But we can’t do skype call.

please add me

Dear, does this system implement APNS feedback from apple…

Sorry? didn’t get your comment…Please explain better way,


Everything is okay but the link to send notifications only open safari? Weblink open the WebView notifications within the application?

Can you help me?


Its open in mobile browser.Its possible but you need to send custom work request on our mail or skype.


Hello I would like to know if you can integrate APP with a Shoutcast Radio Streaming? I want it for IOS and Android


Yes we can integrate .Contact us on skype.Our skype id is icanstudioz.

Dear on dashboard it gave notification sent but there is no notification arrive

what is your user name on skype..as i have seen i already helped you..

no that was on android now on iOS on dashboard it gave me the notification is sent but nothing appear to user

Are support the iOS 9 ?

i Followed documentation But I did not understand how to add database information I have a database information

it’ll create automatically after installation

How installation A message appears

Not Found The requested URL /Push_IOS_V2 was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

I installed the application. However, the membership process is not happening.

project swift? version 7.3 support?

No..its in objective c.

hi, this app is not accepted into AppStore because it is a native application and design minimum functionality :(


Yes it is native app. And design for developer to easily integration.