iOS Photo Upload Manager

iOS Photo Upload Manager

This is a complete photo upload manager and queue service. Now you can quickly add Image Uploading with JSON data to your applications! It also allows you to monitor the uploads and view any errors! Includes the PHP backend!

  • Upload images using NSUrlSessionTasks
  • Start and stop the queue.
  • View errors
  • Mail errors
The code in both the Objective-C and PHP are commented so you can understand what is going on.

This application contains all the classes you need to implement a simplistic photo queue manager.

You will need to implement your own PHP upload page. However, as a bonus, one is provided for testing, This PHP upload file is just for demo purposes, it supports JSON Posting and Image Processing, but it is NOT supported or should be used in production environments. It is just for demo purposes. But will help you more rapidly add uploading for you project.

Stopping the queue allows the in-progress images to finish, but will not upload any additional images!

  • Correct App Transport Security Settings need for iOS 9+ in Info.plist
  • UITableViewController to monitor the uploads.
  • Image upload progress view
  • Image thumbnail in UITableViewController with name
  • Retry and Delete single Uploads
  • Clear the entire queue
  • Images are automatically removed form the queue.
  • Bonus Demo PHP upload file for testing on your own server!
  • Bonus Logging Report View with Mailer!

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