iOS Night Club/Bar/Discotheque App

iOS Night Club/Bar/Discotheque App


iOS Night Club/Bar with SoundCloud is powered by Swift language and it has everything you need for your night club, bar or discotheque. There are Splash, Home, Events and Gallery screens. In addition, you can link the app with your social media networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There is Push Notifications feature as well, which will allow you to send different kind of promotional messages to your users/visitors.

Customization is very easy and everything can be done via editing a simple and self-explaining XML file. Documentation is included as well, where you will be guided throughout the process of customizing the app.

As mentioned above you have different screens, where you can organize everything you need for your night club, bar or discotheque. Splash screen will welcome your users with a nice background picture and a logo. Then, the Home screen will be displayed, where the most important information will be presented, like name, phone, address and a short description.

Events List screen will organize the upcoming events, while the Gallery screen will add more value with displaying images from already passed events.

We have Android version as well, so you could easily target almost the whole mobile market – check down below for the link.

Latest versions

Version 4.0, 26.10.2017
  • Migration to Swift 4 and xCode 9 support

Version 3.0, 06.05.2017

  • Migration to Swift 3
Version 2.0, 16.01.2017
  • New Feature: Gallery Images can be downloaded
  • Migration to Swift 2.3
  • xCode 8 Support
  • SoundCloud integration is removed due to severe changes in the API

Version 1.1, 23.02.2016

  • Push Notifications
  • Ability to Opt-out from the Get Started Screen
Version 1.0
  • Initial version