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hi friend, for “PhotoGram” I just need 6 of the tools, how can I remove the unusefull tool from the menubar. And I found out that “OptionalImageTools” is different from other tools, I don’t know how can I remove them. Thank you.


to remove some tools from menu bar you need to do following configurations in xcode:

“for example you can have the stickers tool to appear first. or remove some functions. search for @CLBlurTool, @CLFilterTool and @CLFramesTool on the search filed in the left panel of XCode, and then comment those red strings to hide such tools. you can find that array into CLImageToolBase.m file. Into CLStickerTool.m file, look for + (CGFloat)defaultDockedNumber method and change “return 7” into “return 1”. “

for more detailed info, just send us an email. Thanks

It using aviary sdks ?

Hi, photogram is pure objective C using storyboards and very easy to customize. PicSTick is using aviary sdk. thanks

if i want to make stop motion on this app it’s easy to change?

Hi, we have received your email regarding your comment. With some programming skills you can change it but the main functionality for this app is photo editing. Thanks

Hello, can I redesign the layout of the both app? Also can I integrate heyzap mediaton and pushbots push notification?

hello! Just bought it.

With some programming skills , other push notification can be also integrated. Thanks

Mailed you couple of times. In the documentation, is there any way to change the graphics from within the xcode? like we do in eclispe or android studio

you need to go to finder , code folder, and there you will be find all images. In documentation file is everything explained. Please send us via email your request, as comments are for pre-sale questions. thanks, regards

I think photogram is not updated on this bundle. I got the old design, sucky design. :(

Hello, PhotoGram is also updated in this bundle. Please send us via email screenshot with above comment and we will check it again. Thanks

Hello. The documentation lacks the knowledge or “How to” to reskin this app. Can you please tell me how to reskin the buttons without overwriting the resource file?

Please send us via email your request, as comments are for pre-sale questions. Buttons are saved as png files in source code, go to finder in app code folders.. in documentation file is everything explained like how to change stickers etc.. there you will find all other buttons.. Please do not use comments for this type of questions.

So i Buy and how much to put it up on App store for me.

hi just checking to see if you got me email.. So i Buy and how much to put it up on App store for me.. I don’t have xcode at the moment but i do have Apple developer account…

Please check your mail. Thanks

Ht, on the PicStick Photo Editor App it say powered by For partners who require removing Aviary branding from the user interface, a white label premium upgrade is also available… What is this about.. Thanks.

Hi, do you have Android and PC version?

Hi, this is only for iOS available. Thanks

Hi. For the photogram app: Is it possible to hide all other effects and show only specific ones?

Hi, yes it is possible. Just contact us via email and you will get all detailed informations. Thanks

Does ist support landscape too?

Hi, app supports only portrait view. Regards

does this app still fully work and is it 100% compatible with the newest hardware (e.g. iphone 7) and software (e.g.: Xcode 8 )

Hello, this app works with the latest iOS and xCode. That’s why we have not updated it. Thanks

HI supporter, It support iOS 64bit? And now it easy customize?