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Hi, nice app, only 6 colors? Any demo on the store? Thanks

Hi Farm, very simple and easy way to add more colors, like this :


buttonColor2.layer.cornerRadius = 20;
   buttonColor2.backgroundColor = [UIColor colorWithRed:240.0/255.0 green:240.0/255 blue:240.0/255 alpha:1];

Thank you.

Thanks, any video or demo app?

Can we also put admob on it? Could you for us if we buy the code?

Hi, you can put anything into. i can develop this for you. please contact me by email hardani@iappi.de Thanks

Can people save their images? if not, how can we make this happen?

Hi, No but new update coming tomorrow with saving to photo-album and other features.

Hi I will be waiting for saving drawing to photo-album feature


i have already Sent it. please wait 24 houers before it. gets Updated

It’s now online with Save Future!

How to zoom and rotate?

Zoom is coming in next future update.


Great App, Great support! :D

Thank you.


I purchased this and would like to know how to make it only Landscape orientation.

Thank you

Thats great thank you I will be waiting for your mail.

Hello, Have you sorted this issue yet ? Thank you

please check your email!

Any AppStore link ?

Hi there, im trying to use only in landscape mode, but is not working, it draws in an different place than in where im touching, i will be glad if you can give me a hand with this cause is driving me crazy, auto layout all the app is not an option to me, cause everything else is WO AL, so please help me,

have a good day

good afternoon if I buy this app have problems when trying to upload are ios 10? thanks

Can you update to xCode 9/Swift 4 so I can purchase?