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Hi there, Do you have the vector or psd files for the games? If so how can I get them as a person who has paid for the app? Thanks

Yes… I have the psd files. but it’s not ready to upload. now it is working version. but if you want, I can send you. please mail to me. thanks….

Send to c_mensah@hotmail.com. Thanks

OK… I sent mail. please confirm.


Please tell me when you will include all the PSD files in the source, after I will buy…

Thank you

After 3~5 days, I will upload PSD files. thanks….

Hi! I upload PSD files. thanks….

Nice Work Check This 8-)


Hey there. I’ve brought this template, it looks great, however, I’ve no idea how to play it, however I will have fun working it out. Nice work :-)

please watch video preview. could you rate this item. thanks…

I really have no idea how to play level 2 :p
Anyway ,nice work ;)

please watch video preview. there is level 2. could you rate this item. thanks…

rated 5 stars ;)

PSD files not found…

OK, waiting…

This item was approved. Please download. Thanks…

Thank you

Hi there I bought your code. The game however freezes in the middle of play after level 3. Can you let me know what’s up with that?


freeze? what does it mean? I don’t understand well. thanks…

does this game use .xib or storyboard? and does it use ARC?

It uses cocos2d library so didn’t use any .xib or storyboard file. And this is Non-ARC project.

Does it support for iOS7?

I have just updated the project for supporting iOS7. thanks