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Hi Good Work.. But if you can add some additional functions I am sure people love this app and buy. I will also. Please make an option to add goods to the basket from the previous order. Or make and option Favorite goods and the customer can choose it from there like a routine . Admin Panel is lovely but make the table in order (dec & asc or date). Add a coupon option in both ways. Client site and back-end site for approval. And finally add a simple daily petty cash stuff on admin side. Shop owners like it. Some basic analytics Daily sales, daily cash, so and so.. Hope you to sell a lot after those changes. Good luck. and buyers will always ask you to do more stuff as well. :)

We will try next version. Thnaks

cool work very nice ! :)

Any plans to develop the Android version ?

Hello possible date of the descent of this talk until we bought it

Next Features Update -GCM Push Notification Add ( Notification when confirm order , Delivery Order, cancel order)


Is the frontend ios App in Native? Swift or Objective-C?

native and Obj-c

Hi, great app! I would like to contact you in private regarding some modifications about the app. Would you mind to leave your email here? Thank you.

Hello mate, i will like to purchase your two apps but i will like to ask few questions.

1. How can admin received payments from paypal , becouse there is no options to add paypal address from the admin but in the app customers can pay by paypal, strip o cash on delivery

2. push notifications for iphone

thank you

1. paypal user key configuration in iOS code.

2. push notifications for iOS next version.

Are you 100% source code for further customization or we are dependent on you?

We can customize Source code of app or backend or both?

If we are unable to do customization, do you provide paid support?

you can customisation both. yes i provide paid support.

hello i am very interested in both ios and android versions of your application. however i require some simple customizations. i have already emailed you with my contact details so we can discuss further. please contact me as soon as possible.

is there a website version?

only Android and iOS version.

does it support the lastest xcode and ios 10

xcode 7.2 and iOS 9.2 developed. Not tested in iOS 10.

Hello, I really like the template of your application, and I wonder if you intend to create a Restaurant Delivery?

yes, please add me skype : jayeshkotadiya1990

Clean and professional, GLWS

Is it possible to install the backend on my website

give me your website and backend details. after i say possible or not. my skype ID : jayeshkotadiya1990

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Exceptional Application Exceptional Support Exceptional communication 5/5 Best developer i have worked with in a while.


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Hello I tried to publish the app on Apple Store But after the archive process A message appears through iTunes Connect invild bundle

please match same bundle id in your app and iTunes store.


pramji Purchased

its same

welcome Can you advise me to add Arabic And change directions from left to right Thank you and appreciate you

yes we help you change English to Arabic. Thanks

Is it possible to inform me of the remaining time for accreditation?

please add me in skype my account : jayeshkotadiya1990


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hello when run app in Xcode show error ?


i want know if can add multiple shop like multi vendors or like sweet shop what i can do that

this app only use single shop. Thanks


pramji Purchased

any update

not update

any updates coming soon….?

not right now but in future.