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Thank you for your reply .

Can we put it for several cities in the world?

Many languages ​​?

Thank you


1) The app is designed to be used for a single city. You can release multiple apps for different cities.

2) iOS has built-in translation mechanism and you can use it. Be aware that most of the data comes from Google Places API, which means that not always everything there is in the desired language. So, the texts that are internal for the app can be easily translated, while the data for the places that comes from Google could not be available for the desired language.

Regards, dmbTEAM

Hi, presale question i have two

, i see theres 3 categories

sleep eat enjoy

i need this to be different, my concept is a guide for woman,

so it has to be

beauty, health clothes for example, and this will need to be in spanish, i mean get the info from google places

1-so how this works? can i change the fetch for this categories? increase the number of categories?

2-Does this app has push notifications?


1) You can change the texts Sleep, Eat, Enjoy.

1a) Behind each of them there are places tags, which are the categories in Google Places. So you can define what stands behind Sleep, Eat, Enjoy or your custom ones -> Beauty, Health, etc. Check this URL to understand how it works: https://codecanyon.net/item/ios-city-guide-sleep-eat-enjoy/17644489/faqs/28310

2) No push notifications are available.

Regards, dmbTEAM

1-Ok, i will fetch this in english, and will show results based on my location wich is mexico right? for example, clothing_store here in mexico is tienda de ropa

2- can i increase the number of categories to be called from google places, or it has to be 3 only?

3- Does this app will be on android?

thanks a lot for your answer


1) Basically, it works this way. But we can’t control how clothing_store is translated in the Google Places API.

2) The displayed categories (Sleep, Eat, Enjoy) are three but behind each of them you have several Google Places Categories. So, you can set up that that behind Sleep, you want to display, hotels, hotels, motels, etc.

3) We have Android version: https://codecanyon.net/item/city-guide-sleep-eat-enjoy/12224442

Regards. dmbTEAM

Awesome design! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks 01eg_me!


Is it supports swift 3.0, Universal?

Need code without ads can you give?


1) It’s Swift 3.0

2) It’s designed for iPhone – not Universal

3) If you buy Extended License, we will provide ads free version

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can u get it to work eith admroid?


I guess you are asking for Android? If yes, look at the following URL: https://codecanyon.net/item/city-guide-sleep-eat-enjoy/12224442

Regards, dmbTEAM