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Hi, I work on live preview and it will be finished today.

nice, it’s possible ad phg itunes affiliate account for all link ?

Current no, but maybe in next version/update.

@spham what demo? I’d like to see one.

can you add apps from the mac app store also? both use the same api

Probably yes because iTunes API is same for mac and iOS software. This catalog i made only for iOS but with iTunes API wrapper that included in this app you can make what you need. I’ll keep in mind this in a future version of the application.

Can we have a demo ?

Yes, please use url and user/pass from item page.

Would be cool if you could use this to display apps on your website as a portfolio type deal.

Great demo.

Not bad idea, I will make something for this purpose.

Hi, very nice script. I just get an error when I try the search bar.

or try to search an app.

wow, and you can’t make something to change the error page? Its ugly…

That’s default Laravel debug info, turn off debug and everything will be fine.

Just little update, now you can search by app. name or use autocomplete dropdown box.

Demo not dead, please check again.

Can insert affiliate?

Hi, I work on adding PHG affiliate and will be finished for few days.

how to add apps manually? seems it just scans for a dir of ipa files

Yes, you need to add dir and scan this dir for app or apps. This is catalog app and file must be available if someone want to download and import app to itunes.

can we show the catalog to someone that isnt logged in?

This type of view is only available for affiliate, but you can send request for this on support after you purchase item.

Thank you.