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What format are the audio files encoded in ??

Everyone seems to do aiff / caf but I would love to see someone do this in mp3 format :)

Hi, The files are .caf by default, however, this can be changed very easily. I have commented the code well and have specified where to change the file extension from .caf to .mp3 etc.

any social share in this app


Hi, At present just email is supported, however I can update the code to allow twitter etc if you would like this feature.

hi there, is saving also supported? I couldn’t find any tableview on the screenshots?


Hi, sorry for the delay – not currently but this is a feature I am working on now.

Whats the max size & time of what you can send?

The file size depends on the amount of free space on your phone. The max file size you can send is determined by your ISP and varies depending on what service you are signed up for.

Can this record from a microphone plugged into the headphone jack? Thank you

Why is playback happening through earpiece?

Hello! Are you interested in developing an add-on feature for this app? I sent you an email through this site but I’m not sure if you got it. Let me know if you’re up for it.


Tom Tolleson

Hi Tom, Sorry about the delay, I have been working on other things and I haven’t been receiving messages from this site to my email. I am currently updating this app for iOS9 and Swift 2 (which will be a free upgrade for people who have purchased it already).

I would be interested in knowing what add on you would like as I might be able to integrate it into the upgrade.

No worries about the delay, I’m glad to hear from you.

What I’m asking for is fairly specific to my own use so I’m not sure it would be an addition to the app posted here on Envato as much as a piece of paid development work. In any case, here is what I’m after:

I have an online social site where people can share audio recordings they make. I would like to use this app to allow people to:

1. register/sign in to the site (with Facebook or Twitter connect)

2. record something (birds, cats, trains, etc.)

3. Upload and post the sound to the site, either to my website’s server or to my iCloud/Cloudkit (I have a developer license so using these would work as well). Using my site’s existing uploader might be best as it would post on the site using the site’s Social CMS (“Tom just uploaded a sound.”)

Feel free to email me about this if you have any more questions. Thanks!

hello are you still supporting this?

still planning to update to ios9.x in objective-c or swift?

iOS Audio Record & Send I purchased the app and everything seems to work perfect except that there is no audio when I tap the Play button perhaps because nothing was recorded previously.

I have Xcode 8 and I use an iPhone 6 Plus to test the apps

Thanks Arquimides