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i want convert a website to ios app and then upload to app store and people download app and install and get a button on their iphone, how can i use with this script

Button part is not clear, Pl. send DM

Hey. We just bought the app, made everything and submitted it to Apple.

The app got rejected because even though we do not serve Ads the code/libraries are still there. Could you please offer a detailed explanation on what to do and how to do it exactly, so that it passes Apple’s review?


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do you have this product without admob?

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okay. But i have another big problem. If i have a youtube video and i click on that. The view say, error (no internet screen) for one second. How can i fixed that?

send us error log

Hi, I’m attempting to add more bottom row menu items but seems a bit troublesome, can i change the share button and add custom links in the slideup menu there, if so how do I do that?

For modifications in software, pl. send DM

I dont need ads. Does istore accept such apps?

You can remove ad from code

I dont need ads. Does istore accept such apps? If yes.. then i would love to buy

You can remove ad from code

can xcode work with windows ?

i am doing cha-chas like changing th icons and landing page but the changes are not being saved

i am doing changes*

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Im getting a “Unable to loas App Cheke you internet” and this error:

015-11-08 18:47:42.932 AyP[1496:335951] <Google> To get test ads on this device, call: request.testDevices = @[ GAD_SIMULATOR_ID ]; 2015-11-08 18:47:42.970 AyP[1496:336353] App Transport Security has blocked a cleartext HTTP (http://) resource load since it is insecure. Temporary exceptions can be configured via your app’s Info.plist file.

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Hi, What exactly was done in the new update last month? Is there a changelog?

Hi, I have a question ?my app is made with frameworks 7.0. I would like to know if I buy this script and I put my website as an app (webview) . Apple is not going to ask me to protect my website with a SSL CERTIFICATE ? Do I need an SSL CERTIFICATE in my hosting to be accepted on apple store OR I don’t need it ?

The script provide an “error message” “no connexion” if there is no connexion on the phone ?

Pre sales questions: 1) Does it support latest versions IOS 9.3.X?......... 2) Does it support external browser open if target=”_blank”?...... 3) Does it support all web form fields perfectly like upload image button?..... 4). It is have navigation bar at bottom like next, back, home?.....

Waiting for answers. Regards

Nice cool plugin… i love this and willing to buy… please Is it possible to create a PUSH NOTIFICATION?

Hi, I have sent a message through your website regarding HTTPS websites – they don’t load in the app. Can you please advise? Thanks

If I open a web form with field to file attachment will I be able to attach? Does it support web form with upload button?

Can this be install on website so users can use the tool online??

Question 1: I hear a problem occurs when IOS Webview applications are accepted to App store. Does your application provide a solution to this problem?

Question 2: When there is no internet or no access to website, does it give a warning message?


1 – Do I need to have MAC to use this app, or I can use it on windows.? 2 – Is it possible to publish apps once done on AppleStore?

Thank you