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Hi. Nice simple app. When exporting/sharing pdf. Is it then as a picture or a pdf?

1. No. Currently sharing is available for the native sharing options 2. I don’t think it can handle the forms

okay thanks. I’ll try to find at work around that. Maybe doing it in html

since you know this like the back of your hand, in your opinion what would be the easiest way to remove the tabbar at the top and increase the height of the uiwebview on the mobileweb?

You mean you want to remove the navigation bar (the one at the top)? If that is what you want, go to story board and delete the navigation controller and then hook the web view controller to tabbar controller directly.

having a problem with saving images and either they do not update or they update and do not show in simulator. I have been editing the images in photoshop and updating them. what is the proper way to manage images in xcode?

If you are replacing existing images, ensure the name is exactly same and simply replace with your own images.

if you are adding new images with different names, enable copying them into your application and add them to target. These two options shall be ensured while dragging the images to application.

If your simulator doesn’t show the images, you may need to delete the app from simulator and also do a “reset all content and settings” of simulator.

Suppose I have a facebook or twitter share button on my mobile website, will the webview app trigger native facebook app to share the page when user click the share button?

No. Since this is a uiwebview, the user will navigate within the page itself.

Kalai, as always, Your product is great! I appreciated the 5 stars for him! I only have one question, I tried to copy the” Share” for the WEB that we could share as a PDF. But I have nothing left((( Please can you tell me how can I do “Share” for the WEB? It would be very cool! Thank you very much


Then you can drag a ” Bar Button Item” to the storyboard and connect the “shareButtonClicked” to it.

If you choose to create programmatically, paste the following code in viewdidload method (This will create a share button on the right side of navigation bar and connects the action method to it):

UIBarButtonItem *shareButton= [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithBarButtonSystemItem:UIBarButtonSystemItemAction target:self action:@selector(shareButtonClicked:)];

self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = shareButton;


Hi Kalai! Thank you for your answers! I do everything according to instructions but I have nothing coming out(( When I add a button via storyboard and try to connect. Why I do not see this button when the program starts? Kalai if you is not difficult, it is possible I will send the project to you in the mail, what would you look what I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance! Regards Victor!

Can. send to my email. Will look into it.

DO it pull the html5, js,css from local folder ??? Do it has admob integrated ??

Yes. The template has capability to pull from local folder.

No. Admob is not integrated.


I want to know if it will work for the script below:



The link you have attached seems like an independent social network platform.

My template is more to webview to load local and remote html files.

I don’t a purpose to use my template for the above script.

Can you send us a version that supports both landscape and portrait modes? When we rotated the device it did not rotate the app. Thanks!

If you want the landscape mode to work, simply make following changes:

  • Open the project in Xcode
  • Click on the project name in the left navigation panel
  • Select the target
  • Under General tab, in device orientation section, enable the checkboxes for landscape orientation
  • Hello. How I can hide the navigation bar?. I’ve only managed to remove the buttons but not hide the bar. thanks Regards

    Hello. The deployment target is 6.0 devices

    Hello again. Could you send me by email the modified files without the navigation bar? Regards

    can you drop an email from my profile page. Will assist you from there.

    Hello before i buy this script. a.i have a site the i what to link it to the app will that work? b. will apple accept the app if i have a the apple developer?

    Thanks Dani

    This template provide a starting point for games, in-app web page and display a pdf document within the app easily.

    Your app shall be more entertain-able rather than just updating my template and submit to app store.

    Can it work with http://demo.crea8social.com/ because i use the same script.

    The template can work with any cloud stored webpage or locally stored. shouldn’t be a problem for your case.

    send me example of 3 website that use your product . just to check. thank you.

    I won’t know as this is a template and might be integrate as part of the app.

    HI, I put the url of my blog but doesn’t view.

    What version of iOS you are testing? if it is iOS9, you need to override default App Transport Security.

    Adding the following to your Info.plist will disable App Transport Security

    <key>NSAppTransportSecurity</key> <dict> <key>NSAllowsArbitraryLoads</key><true/> </dict>

    Thanks!! Now working!!

    Are you have plan update this temple for iOs 9? I hope you can update this code. I want to buy for iOs 9

    Yes. Pretty soon

    Hi, nice app, is there a way to disable html and pdf because I want just Web. thanks.

    sorry for the late response.

    Yes. Just head over to storyboard and delete those unwanted scenes.

    Before purchasing, just wants to know, we can use your code and get it modified with our custom requirements like admob, push notification and other things?

    Yes. of course.

    is it updated for ios9, want to purchase this. pls let me know

    Seem to be having an issue with IOS 9 and the URL function doesn’t seem to work and there are two error…

    Its due to App Transport Security. Updated version is uploaded for review.

    I see it has home and refresh button ,does it have forward, go back and stop refresh button, or can I add them?

    It doesn’t have currently. But you can add them easily.


    I just want to view a PDF with smooth scrolling, will this app work for it? And where will the PDF stored?


    Yes. This template is for that. PDF is bundled with the app.

    Thanks, this is the first one i’m trying..is it easy for beginners to customise and publish it? is there instructions?


    1 – Do I need to have MAC to use this app, or I can use it on windows.? 2 – Is it possible to publish apps once done on AppleStore?

    Thank you

    This is the native source code and you need Xcode which runs on Mac to open it.

    OK. Thank you