iOS All In One Videos App (DailyMotion,Vimeo,Youtube,Server Videos, Admob with GDPR)

iOS All In One Videos App (DailyMotion,Vimeo,Youtube,Server Videos, Admob with GDPR)

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All In One Videos is a new application that offers a great collection of videos for your iOS device from Most Popular Video Sharing websites. Are You thinking about to make a video application that play video of your choice. You can make Application of Your favorite Video,TV Shows,Movie,Serial,Sport and many more with different website.

Demo Admin URL:
Username: admin
Password: admin

iOS Side Features

  • Compatible using XCode 13.1 (Swift with Objective C libraries)
  • Universal Application
  • Attractive UI
  • Check Network Availability
  • User Login, Registration & Forgot Password
  • 4 Type of Videos : Self Hosted, YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo
  • Slide Navigation Menu
  • Home slider display featured videos
  • Category wise video listing.
  • Latest, All Videos, Category, Favourites, Profile, Setting Sections
  • Recently Viewed videos
  • Share, Add or Remove favourite
  • Search video
  • Related video
  • User Comments
  • Report video
  • Add/Remove video on Favourite List
  • Single Video Views
  • You have upload video on your server.(.mp4 only)
  • Google Firebase Analytic Tracking
  • PSD Design
  • Push Notification Integrated (Onesignal)
  • Admob with Banner and Interstitial ads Integrated
  • On/Off Google Admob Advertisement by Admin
  • Facebook with Banner and Interstitial ads Integrated
  • On/Off Facebook Advertisement by Admin
  • On/Off Push Notification Option App Settings
  • Send notification through admin panel and onesignal account
  • Admob Comply with European Economic Area(EEA) user consent policy with GDPR
  • You can also change frequency on interstitial ad to show after number of click in admin panel

Admin Side Features

  • Easy and Secure Admin Panel
  • Easily Manage Category.
  • Video Management
  • User Management
  • Report, Comments and Notification Management
  • Json Service

What You Get:

  • Full iOS Source Code.
  • Full Php Code of Server Side.
  • iOS Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what).

Change Log

09 April 2022

iOS Side
- Update Source code using XCode 13.1
- Facebook SDK library updated
- Google Mobile Advertisement SDK library Updated
- Bug fixed
- Update Documentation

PHP Side
- Bug fixed
- Library update 
- Document updated
- Admin ui update 

29 July 2021

iOS Side

- Update Source code using XCode 12.0.1
- Facebook, Gmail and Apple login added
- Facebook banner and interstitial ads added
- Add App Update Popup
- Document Updated
- Bug Fixed

PHP Side

- Add Graphs in Admin Dashboard for Users Analysis
- Change SMTP Settings Design
- Manage Facebook Ads (Banner/Interstitial)
- Manage Admob Ads (Banner/Interstitial)
- Document Updated
- Bug fixed

18 June 2020

- Update iOS Source Code using XCode11.3.1 & Supported iOS 9 to iOS 13.2
- Update UIWebview to WKWebview Control
- Update Some Libraries
- Fixed Bugs
- Update Documentation

10 October 2019

- Update iOS Source Code on Swift 5 (XCode 11.1) & iOS 9 to iOS 13)
- Update PHP Source Code
- Update  Some Libraries
- Update Documentation

06 September 2019

- New UI (User Interface)
- Update Source Code on Swift 5 (XCode 10.2)
- Secure API Data
- Add Recently Viewed Section
- Add Video Report Feature
- Add Google Analytic Firebase for App Tracking
- Update OneSignalSDK2.9.5, GoogleMobileAdsSdkiOS-7.48, XCDYouTubeKit2.7.6 libraries
- Update Documentation

10 December 2018

- Update UI
- Add Featured Videos on Slider
- Remove Video Rating Feature
- Update Source Code on XCode 10 (iOS 12 supported)
- Document update

08 June 2018

- OneSignal notification added via admin panel
- Admob id & o-off setting in admin panel
- Update Admob GoogleMobileAdsSdkiOS-7.31.0 
- Add Admob GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) Policy for EEA(European Economic Area) country.
- Update Documentation
- iPad bug fixed

25 May 2018

- Security PHP API
- User Login and  Register Section Added
- User Rate and Comment Added

12 February 2018

- Updated UI
- Created latest Xcode 9.2 with Objective C
- Add Slide Navigation View
- OneSignal Push Notification
- Google Analytic Tracking
- PSD Design
- Advertisement Slider
- Related videos
- Bug fixed
- Document Updated