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Hi, I like this app, but i want to know, is it possible for you to add login / register option in this?

pre-sale question, i want to purchase your apps, but i need to know, does it support custom templating on layout? so i can make the ios apps similar to my mobile responsive website?


Yes you can. You need to know html, js and css to do it… It may not be so easy if you are just starting with it…

hello i follow every step on your documentation, but my app doesnt show any wordpress feed on homepage

nope, everything is fine in the process, like create a ionic blank project > add android platform & build. Maybe about URL, it’s true that I just insert my wordpress web address ? or you need json api address?

Can you send an email using contact form with more details?

okay soon

Hi, i am very much interested in this plugin. i have few questions before i buy. 1. Is it a plugin for WordPress? (i am a WordPress worker and do not know any coding.) so i understand plugins better than codding. 2. i have newspaper theme for my WordPress blog. when i install this plugin will my app look exactly like the mobile version of my blog? or does you provide different theme for the app? 3. does this app only show blog for the first page(home page) or can i change the first page(home page) on the app? 4. can i use it for business applications as well or is it only for WordPress blogs? 5. If i buy it once then how many apps can i create? do i have to buy licence for every app i will build or can i create many apps with one purchase?

Hello, thanks for replying but the information you sent me i already know about it. i need to know that 1. how can i setup this template? 2. Were will i install it? 3. Does it work in xamp, wamp or can i install this template on web server as well? 4. i am a WordPress user and i only know about WordPress. I do not know about Ionic Phonegap/Cordova or AngularJS or any coding. 5. The main question i was asking that how to install this template and how to connect this template with WordPress . 6. Do you provide any plugin to install this template on WordPress? 7. If there is any video on YouTube please send me the link of it so that i can understand about how to install it. 8. i am going to doing something very big for my state and i will have to buy 12,855 licence form you guys. I love the template but i am just waiting to know how and where to install this template…..i even do not know how to install something on wamp or xamp or server. So you will have to describe it to me form the beginning. 9. i prefer web server as so please let me know how to get started with this template and how the WordPress gets connected with this template. 10. If there is any video that will be awesome for me to easily understand and buy this template.

And can you guys help me to convert my WordPress website into mobile apps via teamveawer or skype ? i am happy to pay you extra if you do so.

There is a documentation available along with product which is explains about cordova/ionic installation and how you can connect a wordpress site with the newly built app….

Hello i have error : 726701 error [object Object] 0 727471 error [object Object] And the index page is empty.

Are you trying it in local browser with live data?

can user post comments?

no, right now comment feature is not available

Hi, i have downloaded the demo app into my android phone.

I have few questions before i buy the extended licence.

1. Is it possible to play the YouTube, Daily Motion Videos in the app without taking the visitor to the YouTube or Daily Motion?

2. I use WooCommerce plugin to show all of my products. Is this plugin compatible with WeooCommerce?

3. In the plugin WooCoommerce i have hide the price of products. Will your app keep the price auto hidden?

4. I am using NewsPaper and Kwoon WordPress themes for my websites where i want to use your app. Are these themes are compatible with your app. (I know it will be but i just want to recheck with you.)

5. Does your app support the themes layout (NewsPaper, Kwoon) or do you guys give the same layout which is in the android demo app? i mean is it possible to use the same theme which has been used by laptop and tablet versions into the App?

6. Can i remove the themes (NewsPaper’s, Kwoon’s) Menu (Navigation) and use only your app menu into the app?

7. Can people use this app in offline mode? (i mean people who has visited some pages or viewed some products into the mobile app. Will they be able to see those pages when they are offline?)

8. I am already using Google Adsense for some of my websites. Will i have to get new codes for Apps or the same Adds which are already in use with my themes (NewsPaper, Kwoon) will work? i mean do you guys have different ads section for mobile apps or the same adds on my websites which are visible will show on the mobile apps?

9. If i buy the extended licence then can i use your plugin with more then 20 websites?

10. Let me know if i am right or wrong—> normal licence is only for 1 website to generate android & ios app but the extended licence is for as many websites to generate the android and ios apps.

11. how about the support. do you guys provide support for 6 months like other theme developers? and if i need to get some thing changed little bit in the app then do you guys help with that?

The main reason i want to buy this app is that it has good ratings and many sales that means many people has bought it and trusted. I NEED A MOBILE APP WHICH IS COMPATEBLE WITH WOOCOMMERCE AND ALL OF ITS PLUGINS. if your App is providing what i want then i will not waste any mint to buy your extended licence.

Yes you can play videos
It is not compatible with woocommerce.
This app is no way connected to a theme. It is just an app for your wordpress blog.
No offline support
Extended licence is some thing different please go through it
Yes we will support it… But there is no woo-commerce support right now…

Hi! i’ve purchase this item, very easy to use! but i have a little question for you (the author of plugin).

May i create the Apps that shows image slider which automatically fetched from wordpress site?


Functionality is not built in this app… You can create it…

Does it support push notification? Or is there any way to enable push notification? You said you can’t support for Cordova/Phonegap/Ionic installation. How to install them is not included in your documentation?

Thank u. I noticed admob ads are showed when i tap on admob button from the sidebar. How, I can make it automatically appear ads without taping on admob?

Can you send an email to weblogtemplatesnet@gmail.com . That will make it easy for me to support you..


Hi i build this Apps to iOS, but the share button seems not working. how do i supposed to fix that? Thanks.

Sent you an email…

i got no email from you, from which address were you sent to me?

Does this theme work with AppPresser? I have built an app with AppPresser and it does not scroll I was told it is a theme issue.

I am not sure about AppPresser…

unfortunately settings has not show a new post in home, its take more than 3 hours to show, we need to solve this error .?!!

I am really interested about the app. Do you provide all the code? Do you have support for ionic implementation?

You will all the IONIC related code. That is HTML, JS and CSS codes. Actually we do not give support for ionic implementation.

is it have push?

Hi. Can you app be used with the following WP plugin? – https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-athletics/ .


I don’t think so…

What is the Wordpress plugging used for this project???

how to increase homepage post? it’s default 4 post feed each category

how to make search function just for searching post not include page

You need to change count manually… Can you send an email?

Hello, we are using Wordpress Multiste with multiple instance, do your app support wp multiste? we need to load latest post from wp instances

do your app using built-in wp api in wp 4.7?

Right now it is not tested with a multi site…

Hello, does it work with wordpress 4.8?