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how can i use inapp browser, i have installed ionic, could you please let me know in which directory/file i have to input my websitesite url to use inappbrowser function. i want to use simple webview

You can find how to use inappbrowser here: http://ngcordova.com/docs/plugins/inAppBrowser/

Thanks but where i have to save this file in your template, do i need to create a new file or need to edit existing file . please give me the file location to edit or create

We created an angular directive that will open external links using inAppBrowser plugin. You can find the code in www/js/directives.js.

To use this directive you just need to add dynamicanchorfix to the section that will contain the anchor. For example:
<div class="card-content">dynamic-anchor-fix ng-bind-html="post.content | rawHtml"></div>
<div class="row social-networks">dynamic-anchor-fix>
   <div class="col"><a href="http://twitter.com"><i class="icon ion-social-twitter twitter-icon" /></a></div>

You can see an example of this in www / views / app / contact.html Please let me know if you need further assistance

Hello, we are using Wordpress Multiste with multiple instance, do your app support wp multiste? we need to load latest post from wp instances

do your app using built-in wp api in wp 4.7?

I cannot find out how to fix this issue. I try to log-in and register a user. The app remains on “logging-in” status. If I close the emulator and then reopen my user is mgically in. If I try to register my user app stay blocket in the “logging” status, but I can find the brand new user in my WP installation. Seems like it’s unable to redirect on internal page. Any experience on that? Thanks.

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Hi, are you getting any error message?

How to change the status bar color?

How to change the status bar color?

I’ve seen but it is the first time for me … I created the project Firebase console, I entered com.startapplabs.ionWordpress I downloaded google-services-json but it does not work

this is not a firebase project…

you can configure the paid?

1:cordova plugin add phonegap-plugin-push—variable SENDER_ID=”XXXXXXX” 2: I created apikey android 3: downloaded and copied to the platform / folder Android “google-services.json” but I do not receive notification

HI Author, the video cant played in full screen, yes I can press the full screen button but the video freeze and just audio run. thank you for your help.

Heloo actually i have a woocommerce site and for mobile view i already have bought wp touch pro so can your plugin convert wptouch pro into app because i want to integrate push notification system and can this app be put in on app store and play store for download or it works by just opening on a web browser ?? thanks


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Hi, I would like to know if notifications are working with emulator (geny motion or other) – assuming I’m working with Smartiolabs plugin and Device token are “undefined” for Android (iOS ok). It’s for debugging purposes. Thanks.

Can I integrate more than a single WP website in the app ? let’s say I have 3 WP websites, and I want to integrate the 3 websites in 1 mobile app… Is that possible with ionWordpress ?


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How to add/duplicate side menu item?, I try on views\app\side-menu.html but not reflected.

try deleting views.js file and removing its references from app.js and index.html

I have recently tried building the ionic project on my personal phone which has ios 10.2. It does not load properly as there are some issues, I don’t think Ionic has released build configurations for the latest ios versions. When I run the app from an emulator with ios 9.2 it seems to work fine. Do you know any issues with this or know how to resolve this issue?

Hi, can you please give me more details about this? are you getting any error message?


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Hi, previously I’ve emailed you two times but got no reply. I need help. I already know how to add a page slug. But how to add the second page below it? I already duplicate the whole codes for ‘wordpress page’ and put below and add add new slug in the app.js file but nothing shown up after execute ‘ionic serve’.

Hello I have just answered your email. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

I am getting error GCM Sender ID (null) for iOS

Logs 2017-02-19 20:00:02.897454 CSRidentity[1168:196344] PushPlugin.register: better button setup 2017-02-19 20:00:02.905292 CSRidentity[1168:196344] GCM Sender ID (null) 2017-02-19 20:00:02.906781 CSRidentity[1168:196344] Using APNS Notification 2017-02-19 20:00:02.917531 CSRidentity[1168:196287] Push Plugin register failed


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hi i’m currently stuck on calling recent posts…in exactly which file do i put this code in ?

$http.jsonp(“http://yoursitehere.com/api/get_recent_posts?callback=JSON_CALLBACK”) .success(function(data) { $scope.posts = data.posts; }) .error(function(data) { });

i installed every plugins, files correctly.

Post.attachments are used when retrieving ionic wordpress text.
But sometimes the picture of WordPress does not come up.
Can you upload another picture when the picture is not loaded?
If there is no post picture, can it be the alternative default picture?

The search feature is not working. He says he searched but he does not.
The json API plugin works when I try to call the property from the site.
Why does not the application also search?
Very İmportant! Urgent! Please !!

I’m not getting any errors, but custom post type shows blank white screen. Any suggestions? Thanks.