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Hello. I want to create a wordpress blog mobile app (android and ios). Is there the possibility to pay for app configuration and build? I want you to do all the stuff, I will just upload the app to google play/apple store.

hi. im getting confused. you put an external link to your site on version 2 but there is no WordPress. and you have elite pro etc etc…. which am I supposed to buy? and this template is old ionic. I want to have WordPress mobile app. reply me ASAP as I need to make a decision

Can you please send us your questions to contact@ionicthemes.com. We give support through there. Sorry for the delay. Thanks.

we have left you multiple emails but you are not replying. your code doesn’t work with admob. and you are taking 2 to 3 weeks to reply. totally disappointed.

Hello guys, very sorry for the late reply and for all the issues you had. Please check your email for an answer.

nice app, i wondering if i have website responsive with WP , (home, about, services details, contact and news,)
and if i get your app, 1) it will be integrate my page design directly?
2) and i see there is push notification, it will work for every new post?
awaiting your advise.

can you tell me how to deploy it onto a platform with ionicframework pro account? i am not a developer and i dont know much about javascript. i want to be able to easily edit and deploy https://ionicframework.com/pro

hello! You can learn here how to deploy an ionic app with a pro account https://ionicframework.com/docs/pro/basics/getting-started/


WebPen Purchased

Hello. Is it possible to authenticate the user so when inappbrowser window is opened not to login again?

Has anyone tried to use ionpress with a recent Wordpress (WordPress 4.9.4)? Is ios 10 possible?


I’m glad i found this app.. loved it and wanted use it for me food blog wp website. I have few Pre-sale questions :

1. I tested your demo APK, bookmarks works cool but no button to delete bookmarked posts. is it available ?

2. After loading app, i just turned off internet connection and tried to open a post, It keeps loading forever. i wish it should detect and display message saying ” no internet connection” etc.

3. Can users save bookmarked posts to offline reading? what are other offline functionalities in this app?

many thanks

Hello, sorry for the delay in the answer.

This app doesn’t have offline support. Yes you can delete the bookmarks swiping them to the left.

the template is available for the version ionic 3?

Good news! Now Ion2FullApp ELITE https://ionicthemes.com/product/ion2fullapp-full-ionic2-app-template-elite-version has Wordpress Integration

The photos on the loaded wordpress page are not opening in lightbox, they open in a separate whole page, how can I make the images open with that lightbox effect in the application?

I’m trying to install the “ionic-img-viewer” module, I’ve already done the import process “npm install—save ionic-img-viewer”, but now I can not import the module, where I insert “import {IonicImageViewerModule} from ’ ionic-img-viewer ’;” ?

HI, Does the app have integrated audience network Facebook ads ?

No, it doesn’t. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Hello can it be used for different purpose like social network, e-commerce store and does it work with payment gateways?

Hai this is themes for wordpress or themes for ionic framework, i interested build apk from my wordpress site buddypress, but i dont understand about ionic instal or other, when your themes working with wordpress, and i create apk with web view, is working or not