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can i make andriod app of my website getmyworker.com by this.


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hi, my website using custom posts can this app work with that and how TO DO if so

Custom Posts are working. There is a sample in the documentation

Hi, Are you looking to add login/authentication based on WordPress users?

Thank you

Hello we are currently looking into ionic cloud services (Push, Auth, Analytics etc) instead of Wordpress

Can I use it with Listable wp theme from Themeforest? Regards

No, out of the box. You need to extend the listable theme for a rest api.

Can you share apk or link on iOS or Google Play to test on devices?

Hello, we currently dont provide a iOS or Android Demo. You can find a Web Demo here: http://preview.orlyapps.de/ionWordpress/


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The Documentation is a bit outdated? I am trying to link it to my wordpress but I am unable to do so & I am following your documentation!


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Such as there is no App/app? I can only find all the files in App/src/ but changing them doesn’t seem to change the App?

Hello, due the update to ionic RC 0 and angular 2 Final the folder structure changed a bit. App/app becomes App/src We are currently working on an update. To Link your wordpress you need to edit the config.ts.

Any forward Ideas on putting up a auth and login in page?

Author dont support again?


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Hello can you please reply?

Hello, sorry for the long wait. What is you problem and how can we help you :)

I’m having the sam problems as Zaabi… Any information on this? After following your instructions building the app fails because its looking for /build/main.js and /build/main.css

Hello, due the update to ionic RC 0 and angular 2 Final the folder structure changed a bit. App/app becomes App/src We are currently working on an update.

Will this update include a login? I tried to connect auth0 using wordpress but it seems to break the app, and adding certain post types does also.

Hello, I would need to implement a Angular 2 <-> Wordpress (using api v2) website. I have already a html template to use. My question is : Is it possible to use your solution for a normal website ? I need as well ionic features too to be able to use my template inside ios / apk app, which is provided here far as I see. I only need to know if for a classic website, it’s possible to use your package. Thanks anyway.

Well, you can use this template as a “normal” website. But it is optimized for mobile devices

Hello. Will IonWordpress2 work with the same Push Notification system plugin as your previous IonWordpress version? If not, are there any plans to add it in?

No, currently this app template dont support Push Notifications we are currently planning to implement the ionic Cloud Services (Push, Deploy, Analytics)

I’ve edited the config.ts, but i allways see the demo data in die iOS-App. I Use PhoneGap.

I have updated the app to RC.1 – Please use the latest version and try it again.

hello, how to control the menu?

Hi, I have some questions. In the post example, can have a comment box ? for example disqus It’s compatible with woocommerce ? thanks.

Hi, Is it possible to have a wordpress page on website utilizing ionwordpress 2 that has a paywall utilizing Apple Pay to unlock content that will allow me to not have to pay the Apple 30% In-App purchase fee? My app will not be submitted to the Apple App store so we’d not want to pay and hope that we could bypass it if the payment was made from a “webpage”.