Discussion on IonTube - Youtubers Youtube Channel Ionic 3 App

Discussion on IonTube - Youtubers Youtube Channel Ionic 3 App

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does it work with live streams?

It does not works for live streams.

still working in 2021? is it possible to download it to watch the videos offline?

Your demo app is not working

I am facing some issues, kindly look into it and provide me with a solution.

How can we integrate additional plugins into this project, I had successfully installed the push plugin and screenshot plugin but I cannot configure it to the existing code. How to configure it to the webpack project ??
Could you please show it with some code examples, like where to edit and how to add the code so that the plugins will be configured to the webpack project.

Expecting your reply, kindly assist me in this regard.

could u please give me a reply, also please check your mail !!!

I would really appreciate a reply from your side, please check your mail too !

Hi, I replied you

I want to know whether it works with YouTube live videos

The app displays your all videos, playlists, favorites and channels. Youtube live videos not working on this version.

it is not working. help me pls

Please mail us details at

Thank you for reply after 23 days!

How much does it cost me to install and add admob and Publishing in android and ios

Hello, We would like to double check with you about few questions before we buy it.

1. Can we integrate this app in our own app which was developed in Ionic ?

2. Will you provide complete code or just an apk ?

3. We would like to add your app as part of our app functionality instead of using your app as it was… Will you provide any support ?

Appreciate if you can reply with your clarifications.


Is there some iOS demo ?

I want to buy , but want to ask 1- I don’t want admob and don’t want the ads before the video playing , CAN I block them ? 2- can I block the relevant videos at the end of the video ? 3- can I add more channels?


Hey . Will Play Market allow applications? How many channels can I add? Can I edit using Android Studio? (New version.) Does the instructor eat video? Can I add other channels to applications? Will the play market approve for such an application? With the help of the “Regular License” you can add several play market applications on a few topics? I look forward to your reply! Regards Anar!

My YouTube channel is already monetized by Google AdSense, If I use this application, I will receive money from admob, as well as from adsense. Can I add someone else’s channels And use in the AdMob application? Can only playlist be displayed? I want apk to open only those YouTube channel which I will add. Is it possible I look forward to your reply! Regards Anar!

I will use Android Studio to customize my app. Do you provide instructions? (My problems: I have never before added the API code to the application. 2. I’m not sure where the images and colors are changing. 3. And I’m not sure what else I need to recode to make this application my own.

Hello. Does the app support LIVE stream too?

Can i use this template for a fixed list or youtubers channels?

how about accessing private videos on youtube (my private videos if im logged in)??

HI, This features is not include in this app but you can research on this topic online. Thanks.

can we build it using “Phonegap” ?

We are not doing that before.

if not phonegap , how can we build application as its on ionic framework

Using Cordova you can build your application. See the details at –

Hello i want the project on xCode (swift version) of this app, is there any way to reskin it on xCode …

Hi, It’s a hybrid app and after build for IOS, It’ll be generate some codes of this platform that support on Xcode but obviously code will be very messy. So It’s better to write code using this specific technology Ionic.

If you need any kind of information you can also mail us directly at –

Thanks :)

This app has its administration panel, and can be installed on iOS and Android?

Hi, There is no administration panel, you just need to add your cannel id from one config file, That’s it. Perfectly okay for Android. This is a hybrid mobile application you can run this app your IOS phone but yet we are not published this app at app store so we can not confirm you about app store at this time.

Thanks for your comment. :)

how to generate more pages in super tabs and config that pages to keyword base results. Example I want to display all “short films ” from my youtube channel.

Hi, You can add more tabs at here – src->pages->landing.

Please check the advanced requirement from Youtube APIs –

I got a little issue. When i play the videos in fullscreen on mobile, i have a white background behind the video and the status bar is visible. Can you tell me how to fix this ?

I just sent you an email.

Hi i’m still waiting for your answer.

Check your mail. Thanks!

Few presales questions :

- Can we add splash screen / intro screen - can we produce both ios/andriod version ?

Yes can customize this app with splash and any additional scene. You can upload It for android sure but we are not try in IOS yet.

I want to build on IOS , can u please try at ur end

At this time can’t possible but we try to do that. Thanks


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